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4 Things You Should Consider Before and After You Purchase a Portable Power Generator

Updated on March 25, 2016

Portable Generator


Portable power generators are great to have in the event of an emergency, such as power outages. When you lose power, you do not have access to many of your essentials which may include hot water and lights. A portable generator provides solutions to these problems while giving you peace of mind. Here are the things you should consider when you are in the market for a portable generator.


There are two ways to power a portable generator; liquid propane and gasoline. When you are choosing a portable generator, this is one essential factor you should consider. The power you need is determined by the appliances you need during an outage. To get the most of your generator, you may want to add a manual transfer switch. This switch allows you to optimize your generator's full power capacity. You need to be sure your generator is always ready in an emergency. Test the portable generator at least two to three times per month and before you are warned about severe weather and other instances. The amount of power a generator provides is based on its wattage. In order to save it's power source, such as gasoline or liquid propane, only power the appliances and other items that are a necessity for your home, such as a stove and lights.

Location and Space

Portable generators are available in many different sizes. The size generator you choose should be based upon the power you require to keep your home functioning without too many hassles. Before you purchase a portable generator, you should consider its size and where you plan on placing the generator. Although it is portable, you do not want to move it around continuously. You could damage the generator or some of its components.


The features of a portable generator are essential because they determine how satisfied you are with the product and how well it works for your current situation. Every generator is different and offers a variety of features. There are portable generators that are equipped with circuit-breaker protectors to prevent generator overload. Other generators If you plan on using a generator for a long period of time, you will want to look for a generator that has a large fuel tank. Generators with large fuel tanks can hold more gasoline or liquid propane, allowing the generator to run for longer periods of time.

Some residents experience power interruptions with their generators. To prevent power interruptions within your home, purchase a portable generator that has integrated fuel gauges so these interruptions are not a surprise or inconvenience. If you work from home or use your computer a lot, this electronic device will be a necessity. If this is the case, find a portable generator that is safe for computers and other electronic devices that may be sensitive to certain power types. Another feature you may want to consider is noise. Portable generators can be loud and cause a distraction to people using the generator and neighbors. If you are looking for a quiet power solution, you will need a portable generator that has a low-tone muffler. Portability is yet another essential of a portable generator. Although the generator should not be move frequently, it is able to be moved to ensure convenience. Fold-down handles and wheel kits for a generator make portability easy.



Portable generators can be dangerous and fatal if they are not used correctly. To prevent harm due to carbon monoxide, the generator should be operated in an open space and not indoors or a garage. The perfect location for a portable generator is away from:

  • Doors
  • Windows
  • Crawl spaces
  • Vents
  • Any other location that does not possess an adequate amount of ventilation

Many people are under the impression that a few fans and opened will provide the amount of ventilation that is required to properly operate a portable generator. Gasoline is highly flammable and does not require much to explode and cause extensive damage to your home or someone else's property. When you are filling the generator, make sure you do not overfill it. Gas spills are always an open invitation to explosions. Smoking is not permitted near the generator. For obvious reasons, smoking near a generator can cause a fire or an explosion. When you are handling a portable generator, handle it with care. Generators have many different parts and a lot of them are hot enough to cause second or third degree burns if you are not careful.

Connecting Your Generator to Your Home


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