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4 situations when you should change or not use a Property Negotiator

Updated on October 4, 2011

Today I’m going to share with you some tips of when you shouldn’t make use of a property negotiator to buy a property. Please note that I’m not saying that you shouldn’t use a property negotiator at all. I just want to pin point some situations of where you should not use a particular negotiator. I have decided to write this hub as yesterday I finally managed to get a property negotiator to see a property and I was disgusted by the service. Here are reasons or situations of when you should not use a property negotiator:

  1. As you might already know, no one does anything for nothing therefore a property negotiator needs to get paid for his service, which is fine. They get paid by getting a cut off the sale price. Normally real estate agencies charge 5% which is quite expensive. As much as possible avoid real estate agencies to save money. If you have a free time you may look around yourself, if not you could always find a broker that normally charges only 1%.
  2. If the property negotiator is reactive instead of proactive just swap him with a better one as it might result in disappointment. In my recent experience with a property negotiator I had been asking to view a property for two weeks. When he finally set the appointment the property was sold. I can assure you that I was very pissed off.
  3. If the property negotiator cannot answer your questions or answers badly cause of lack of knowledge change him immediately as his ignorance may lead you to trouble. Once I asked the property negotiator if the property I was interested in was freehold. He looked puzzled and told me that it should be freehold. Such behaviour is unacceptable; I changed the property negotiator the next day.
  4. If the property negotiator stays hurrying you into buying a property change him. Remember that to buy a property you’ll be forking out a lot of money therefore you have to take your time to choose the right property. Don’t let him hurry you into buying because you will regret it.

I hope that the above points were helpful. As always feel free to leave a comment if you would like to participate.


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