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How to Make $100,000 Building a 4-plex Apartment Condominium with Complete Construction Blueprints

Updated on March 19, 2011

Step by step Method for making $100,000 this year building a 4-plex, condo or apartment building.

It is a very simple method and can be repeated over and over again to increase your paycheck and takes very little out of pocket expenses only time. This is a process that we have done over and over again and it works. It will take time and commitment but can produce amazing returns. You will be using other peoples money and that is the magic of the whole thing. You don't need money and in today's world people are afraid to put their money in the stock market so this gives them a perfect alternative to diversify.

Step 1 Find a piece of property that is zoned multi-family. Any Realtor can help you do this.

Step 2 Download a set of 4plex, apartment or condo plans from SDS-CAD Specialized Design Systems

Click here for a set of apartment plans that I have used several times to repeat this process. Only $99 You may need to have the plans engineered for your area.

Step 3 Find 4 investors or buyers to help you fund the construction. This is actually really easy. Just put an add in the local paper or online or start talking to people you know who have money to invest and give them your presentation of how they can make 15 to 25% on their money over the next year. This is how it worked the last time I did it.

The buildings cost approximately $400,000 to build so we found 4 investors to put in $100,000 each to basically finance the construction of 1 unit each. after 6 months we had completed the building and put each unit on the market for $150,000 each. After all 4 units were sold for and average price of 148,000 we had made a profit of $192,000. we divided the profits. I took the $100,000 off of the top as my commission for arranging and overseeing the construction project and after Realtor fees of $25,000 had $67,000 left to divide amongst the investors which gave them a 16.75% return on their money. You can also take less of a commission and give back more to your investors. WE have done this were people want to be owners so they just get equity in the project when it is done. We have also found people who just want to have the entire building as an investment property and will finance the whole thing for 50% of the profits.

Step 4 Find a contractor to Build the buildings

Step 5 Sell the Buildings and divide up the profits

Step 6 If you want to make more you just repeat this process over and over and make as much money as you need.

Download the plans and start the process today.

Click here for a set of apartment plans that I have used several times to repeat this process. Only $99

Construction Drawings

Front of the 4plex

Page 1 of the plans

First floor plan

Second Floor of 4plex

Front Elevation Views

Rear Elevation Views


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