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5 Awesome Healthy Foods for Asthma Sufferers

Updated on November 4, 2012
Tumeric and Coriander powder are anti-inflammatory spices that can help allergies and asthma.
Tumeric and Coriander powder are anti-inflammatory spices that can help allergies and asthma.

5 Foods for Asthma Sufferers

Diet is an important part of treating an Asthma or Allergy Disorder, not only for losing weight, but more importantly for promoting good physical health which will allow your body to more effectively fight off allergy and asthma symptoms. Diet is really a bad word for what I recommend as I am talking about a lifestyle change in the way you eat. Changing your eating habits for a few months will not (in most cases) make any significant impact on your Asthma. But changing your lifestyle eating habits can have dramatic long-term benefits on your physical health. Here are 7 foods that you should make an integral part of any lifestyle change in your eating habits:

  1. Tumeric and Coriander Powder (Spice): Both of these are easily found in Yellow Curry Powder. They are actually the primary components of Yellow Curry Powder. Both Tumeric and Coriander Powder act as anti-inflammatory agents in the body. This is good for asthma because airway constriction is an inflammation of the airways caused by allergic reactions or irritations from substances in the air. The properties of these two spice are so strong that holistic natural products certified by the NSF and used for Sports by Athletes contain large amounts of these spices for reducing muscle inflammation. Studies in India have also demonstrated the positive impact of these spices on inflammed airways in a laboratory setting. Caution: Unfortunately, a small section of the population is allergic to these spices so if you are not sure if you are allergic, consult with a medical doctor first. Most people will not be allergic and will get great benefit from using these spices.
  2. Fruit: Fruit should be an important part of a lifestyle change in diet. Fruits high in antioxidants also help reduce inflammation and promote healthy cells. Fruits are also high in important vitamins and nutrition for good body health. Apples in particular, have antioxidant flavonoids, which studies show are high in anti-inflammatory properties. If you have asthma you should eat a lot of apples and you should see a strong correlation between the apples you eat and the reduction in asthma symptoms. Another particularly good fruit to eat is the Muscadine grape. The Muscadine grape is grown in the Southern United States (the only place in the world). Researchers and Universities have studied this grape aggressively because of its significant amount of properties for health and fighting chronic disease. Muscadine grape has a lot of lycopenes (plant pigment). Lycopenes have demonstrated a strong correlation for reducing exercise induced asthma.
  3. Vegetables: Vegetables need to be the staple of a healthy diet. As part of a lifestyle of eating, they can dramatically increase your health, boost your immune system, and reduce your asthma symptoms. Broccoli, in particular, has drawn the interest of researchers because it has anti-inflammatory properties that could potentially help reduce asthma symptoms. Although there are no concrete correlations from studies at this time, the assumptions are good and regardless of whether it has a direct correlation to your asthma, it's a very healthy and nutritious vegetable that should be a part of your diet. Fruity vegetables like tomatoes and cucumbers have also been observed to have some impact on reducing asthma. I recommend incorporating these vegetables with a variety of commonly available vegetables as part of a healthy balanced diet.
  4. Fish: Fish are known for having anti-inflammatory properties. Dr. Nicholas Periccone's 3 day Face Lift Diet is built around Salmon. Typically the recommendation is Alaskan Salmon because it will be the most pure of toxic chemicals and minerals like mercury. But this diet is basically an anti-inflammatory diet. Those who follow it for 3 days can typically see a reduction in puffiness in the face. There is a lot of evidence that incorporating good, healthy, non-toxic fish into your diet will help improve overall health and reduce inflammation.
  5. Quinoa: Quinoa is a healthy nutritious grain that is closely related to leafy green vegetables like spinach. Quinoa is also an excellent lifestyle alternative to unhealthy grains like wheat and rice. It is gluten-free which makes it an excellent choice for the many people who are allergic to gluten. But more importantly, it has a lot of nutritional properties that support excellent health and reduce the probability of asthma symptoms. There is no direct research on the correlation between Quinoa consumption and reducing allergy symptoms. But we do know that unhealthy grains like white bread and white rice can trigger higher instances of asthma. So it is a grain alternative that will not do that. It also has minerals that interact with antioxidant enzymes to reduce and prevent airway inflammation. In this sense, it has some significant contributions to make to anti-asthma lifestyle diet.

Make these foods a part of your daily nutrition today and see the increase in your health and reduction in asthma symptoms. Remember that every person's body is a bit different and you will need to test and try different variations to find what works best for your body. Again, we don't guarantee that these foods will cure your asthma. But it makes sense that they will contribute to good health and have the properties to reduce your asthma symptoms if your asthma or allergies are diet related.

Coriander powder has great anti-inflammatory properties and is safe to consume


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