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5 Beautiful Alternatives to a Chain-Link Fence

Updated on March 9, 2016

Let's take a peek at some alternatives to the generic chain-link fence option – alternatives that add striking curb appeal, privacy and security to anyone's residence.


Wood material for fences has made its way through human history for eons. When choosing wood, be aware that pressure-treated wood greatly adds to the material's life-span; and wood that is not pressure-treated should be coated with a specialized preservative. Cedar and redwood varieties are very popular due to their inherent abilities to combat rot and insects; and though these these two choices can be left alone to the weathering agents, they should, still, have a clear preservative applied every few years. Though wood is far below cost when compared to vinyl or composite, this material demands much more maintenance; and wood varieties that are painted or stained should be cleaned and repainted or refinished every four years, at least. Maintenance costs can make up for the fact that wood fences are comparatively lower than other options. The natural beauty of wood, however, cannot be argued.


Vinyl fencing material is manufactured in an array of styles as well as in a variety of colors and finishes. Solid privacy, semi-privacy and post-and-rail designs fit a variety of needs. The upkeep with vinyl is null-and-void since it is a very robust material that will not splinter, rot, split or blister; and dirt can be effortlessly washed away. Though vinyl is most costly than many wood options, it becomes less expensive over time due to the lack of maintenance costs.

It's always a good idea to purchase some spare vinyl pieces in case high winds, for example, were to damage a portion of the fence-line. If a certain style is discontinued, you'll have the extra pieces on hand for seamless replacement.


Fences made from composite materials are constructed of an engineered wood product which contains recycled fibers, plastics and binding agents. Composites are available in a number of variations including solid vs. hollow panels, and different textures, colors and styles. The bottom line is that composite material simulates wood, beautifully, and requires no staining or painting. Durable composite fence pieces are assembled with traditional fasteners, not specialized brackets; and this material is very environmentally friendly since 95% of the materials that are used in the manufacturing are from recycled products. When it comes to cost, composite will be about two times the cost of pressure-treated wood.


Fences made from aluminum can be a very stunning choice due to the fact that this material offers the dynamic appearance of wrought iron but without the hefty price-tag! Countless styles and colors run the gamut of choices; and this option allows one to view beyond one's yard, which is especially nice if the space, beyond, is lovely to behold – whether it be mountains, wide open spaces, a golf course, etc. Aluminum fences are powder-coated instead of being painted which means the durability factor is greatly enhanced since powder-coating is designed to combat corrosion and weathering in any type of climate. Simple hosing of the fence once or twice a year is all one has to do to keep this beautiful, durable choice looking pristine for many years to come.

Ornamental Metal

If you want unrivaled durability, metal is for you! Ornamental metal fencing is available in a slew of styles and designs where powder-coated galvanized steel, aluminum or a combination of solid metal and aluminum are readily available. As mentioned, powder-coating is an extremely durable covering which is the result of a specialized heating process and offers a multitude of advantages over traditional paint products. Maintenance is a breeze and an occasional hosing is all that is required. If rust were to ever appear, it is easily remedied with being brushed away; and a rust-inhibiting primer can be applied with a coat of paint, if desired. Metal fencing can maintain its beauty for generations as long as it is not completely neglected over the years.

So, if you are 'on the fence' about which fence material to consider, weigh the pro's and con's of each


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