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5 Benefits of Tinted Windows

Updated on April 23, 2012

Windowing tinting is a great way to update the look and feel of your house. It's quick and easy, merely involving the placement of ultra thin film against the glass surface. And although it might be a considerable investment at first, it will pay for itself with all of the money that can be saved over the year. Here are five extra reasons to consider getting your windows tinted.


Many different types of window film block a great deal of the sun's heat and can leave the interior of your house over ten degrees cooler than normal windows. A cooler house means less strain on your air conditioner. And with the air conditioning not running quite so often, you're bound to notice a difference on your electric bill.


We all hate the tax season, or at least I do. Since you have to deal with the forms anyway, you might as well get all the credits and tax breaks you can. There are many home improvement credits available and having the windows tinted can be considered an energy saving improvement. One particular credit will cover up to thirty percent of the cost of the film.


Most films block ninety nine percent of harmful UV rays. Not only can UV rays damage your furniture, causing it to fade, they can also give you sunburn if you're like me and love to sit at the table with light streaming through the windows.


One of the more simple benefits of tinted windows can be the great look. With so many different types to choose from, it's easy to match it to your own personal style. Whether you like the frosted appearance, more traditional tint, or even an all clear film (with all the same protection from tinted film), there's something for you. And for the techno nuts there's even a special switchable film available. With the touch of a button you can switch from clear to opaque.


For those of us that live in rural ares where privacy is hard to come by, having you windows tinted is a great alternative to leaving your blinds and curtains closed all day. A semi translucence can be achieved with frosted film. Or if you prefer to simply make it harder to see in than out, “limo glass” tint is the way to go. You can even use silvered film to create the same effect as a two way mirror, where you can see out easily while the people outside only see a reflection.


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