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5 Best Fire Pokers, Stoke, Pit And Poker Tools

Updated on April 10, 2012

Fire poker tools do differ, you know, so don't get mislead! Yes, recommended here are 5 of the best in fire pokers. Stoke and poke with the best tools that last and treat your fireplace to an effective implement.

Amazon is the best place to find most things, and pokers are no different. You don't have to look at the fire to stoke it - forgive the pun - but you need to know what you are buying! Here, we have done the hard work, so you don't have to!

Enough of the clap-trap, lets get a poke on!

Take a look at beauty number 1 of our 5. She is slender and has the capacity to poke with two prongs - what more can you ask of a well made poker?

1. Mango - FDBL - FireDragon Fire Pit Bellows Tool - Black - 36 L in.

'After struggling for years to get a consistently great fire in both the fireplace and the charcoal grill, I bought the FireDragon. And it works better than I ever expected! If the wood is wet or if its humid, just a few puffs of air and the embers are glowing, without flying about the room and scaring me half to death. It's so easy I can't believe it took me this long to try it! It is the perfect length and keeps you from getting too close to the flames. I recommend it highly to anyone who wants to get a fire going quickly and safely'

2. Firedragon: Blow Poke Fireplace Tool

The next lovely poker is a bit of a blow job! Yes, this super sexy babe allows you to blow embers throughout the fire. This is why it is one of the best (apart from being a sturdy number!)!

'The first time I saw this a buddy of mine used it while we were camping. The inside is hollow, with an opening between the fork prongs at the bottom and a mouthpiece on the top of the handle, so you can stick the fork in the embers of a fire under fresh logs, and blow concentrated bursts of air onto your fire through the length of the poker effectively and safely (provided you don't inhale without removing it first, of course!). Since it is hollow, it is very lightweight as well, weighing in at only 1.5 lbs. This item is a must-have for any camper'

3. MISSION Fireplace Hearth Woodstove Center : Wood Log & Kindling Bin Holder with Tool Set - BLACK

A good all rounder that tidy's up the act. It is practical and good looking, although the poker is shorter - but then who says size is the be all and end all? It isn't the size but what you do with it that matters!

'This wood holder is strong and sturdy. I can stack enough wood for two night fires, plus there is a shelf at the very bottom where I can add newspaper or the little logs to help lite the fires. Makes it look neat andorganized. It added great decoration to the livingroom. I like having the wood holder and tools all-in-one so that I don't have clutter in my livingroom'

4. Extra Long 44" Stainless Steel Fire Pit Poker

If size does matter to you, well this poker is a stonker! Feel the shaft and the shine stokes the greatest of fires. If you like em big, then this one is the best!

'Purchased this poker for my 36 inch steel and brick backyard firepit. It is the perfect length in that it is long enough to reach to the far side of the circle but not so long as to be awkard to handle or overly heavy. The manufacturing is excellent, as seen in the handsome wood grip and solid stainless steel. As a practical matter, I use my poker several times a week for over a month now and it is still straight as an arrow, despite moving 9-inch diameter heavy logs around. Bottom line, worth every penny'

No thrills, utilitarian set that includes a poker to thrill!  If you want something to just do the job and you don't want to spend too much, this set will suit you!

When shopping for a Fireplace Tool Set, my criteria were for it to be simple, devoid of ornate designs. I also wanted a solid black color instead of brass or silver accents. I wanted each piece to be functional, and for the stand to be sturdy and stable while maintaining the smallest footprint possible.

'The Uniflame 4-Piece Triple-Plated Fireplace Tool Set met my criteria. I often find that the manufacturer's picture makes the product look better than reality. That is not so with the Uniflame, hence, "what you see is what you get."

The problem with many fireplace tool sets is that the stand is often wobbly. The Uniflame's stand is perfectly stable, and all three pieces fit well and are easily retrieved without knocking off the others.

The non-porous finish makes cleanup easy. I just run a little water over the ashed ends of the poker and shovel and they look as good as new.

Given the low price of the the Uniflame 4-Piece Triple-Plated Fireplace Tool Set, I actually expected the quality to be "cheap". I am glad I took the gamble, as I was pleasantly surprised by the quality'

5 of the Best - Poker To Adore

Amazon really do provide the best for value for money.  I have tested them out on many products and have always been impressed with the purchases and quick delivery times.  You can even get free deliveries when buying directly - check it out! 

In a time where fraud is prevalent, you can be guaranteed satisfaction and be confident that your details are safe on this website.  Here is an article on Internet safety that should help you.

So, there we have it.  We have seen the sexy, the biggest and the cheapest red hot pokers available.  5 of the best - what more can a girl ask for?  A poker to yearn for - each one adaptable to your personal needs!  Go on have a stoke - use your poker tools with pride!

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