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5 Brilliant Painting and Decorating Tips

Updated on September 23, 2013

Learn how to decorate your home with style!

When planning any painting and decorating work there are key aspects you need to think about - and a knowledge of these simple tips will not only mean you have a home which is suited to your taste but also has a quality to the work which will be admired by friends and family for years to come! We'll cover area's such as individual style, lighting and furnishings, and hope you learn something along the way! You can also contact Painting & Decorating Dublin for further information.

Individual Style

Knowing your own style can some times be difficult but it's definitely the most important thing to consider before you start painting and decorating your home.

The best place to start would be by browsing the web. You could search keywords like "interior design companies", "showhouses", "painting ideas etc". There are also tonnes of great interior design magazines and painting and decoarting TV shows which can help you decide on whats best for you. Maybe you're into modern fresher colours or maybe even bolder more striking styles. Take the time to explore all the resources to hand and you'll soon know what you like.

Another thing to consider is if you're only decorating one room now have a think about the future and how everything will all fit together, you dont want your styles to clash!

Colour Scheme

The effect colours have are so important even the top companies in the world base their branding on them. Think of T-Mobiles "magenta" (which they tried to copyright incidentally) or Facebooks dominant "blue".

When painting and decorating you need to give alot of thought to the colours not only that you like but the ones that work better in a particular room. For example in a kitchen you may opt for lemons and greens which freshen the room up where as in the lounge you may go for orange and chocolates which warm the room up.

Also give some thought to your soft furnishings, such as pillows, rugs and lighting pieces. As these can be replaced alot easier you can be a bit more experimental. So let your hair down a little and have some fun!

Natural Lighting

Natural light isn't so much a requirement as it is a need - as we would fail to thrive without it! Many people pay premiums for homes that get an abundance of natural light, so if you're lucky enough to benefit from it then you need to make the most of it!

Large windows and skylights give any room a light and airy feel - to maximise the effect, be sure to use light colours, or be brave and go for that vibrant paint you've always wanted!

Vibrant colours work well as light from the outdoors is slightly bluish which tends to "cool" colours. Colours with yellowish and reddish nuances take on a slightly chillier, bluish tinge, and blues and greens become even chillier.

Again think about the purpose of the room and if you have the time and resources you could paint small samples in the room and see how the light interacts with it. Remember also that the effect of the light changes during the day and also with changes in weather!

Contrasting Patterns and Textures

By contrasting patterns and textures you can bring a room to life immediately - think of them the herbs and spices of painting and decorating.

Pattern can express elegance and refinement (shadow stripes and muted, small scale florals)...or, whimsy and exuberance (dots, bright plaids, paisleys or pictorals of everything from cowboys to ballerinas). A throw over a beautifully varnished wooden floor adds depth and character, highly polished metal fittings contrast brilliantly with matt paint. Try offsetting the natural straight lines of the walls with a curved mirror, or using a rounded vase to soften the bulk of a cabinet.

Patterns and textures become more important in neutral, muted color schemes...The brocade sofa fabric, the intricate details on the furniture and lamps and the contrasting textures that range from polished smooth to bumpy rough give this living room a formal yet comfortably lived-in feel.

Quality Counts

The old adage of buy cheap - buy twice was never so true when it comes to paint. Its simple - spend more, save more.

When you're selecting paints price is normally a good gauge as to their quality but you should also talk to the clerk in the hardware store for advice. More expensive (not just the most expensive -many paints above the bottom rung) paints will hold up better over time with better washability and less color fading or chipping. All of this amounts to a longer lasting, better looking finish - which means you won't need to do any decorating for longer.

If price is an issue (when is it not?) then look out for clearance sales because, as with all things styles come and go. So keep a look out and you may get the quality and style you want for a fraction of the price!


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    • bookerboy profile image

      bookerboy 5 years ago from Ireland

      Thanks Jakob, I always think buying better quality counts - especially when it comes to furnishings and even more so with wine! :)

    • Jakob Barry profile image

      Jakob Barry 5 years ago

      Good tips. Especially the one about considering the quality of things like paint and how it will effect things down the road.