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5 Easy Ways To Help Get Your Home Sold!

Updated on July 28, 2014

Will you be selling your home soon? It can feel overwhelming, for sure; but it’s important to take one step at a time to keep the frustration level minimized as well as making sure you’re doing everything possible to increase the chances of not only selling your home quickly but getting close to the price you desire. Quick fixes can produce big returns, but there are some that should be at the top of your getting-ready-to-sell list. The National Association of Realtors highlights a number of recommendations to increase the chances of a timely sale; and here are five of them:

1: Give Your Floors Some Zest Appeal!

If your carpeting is covering hardwood flooring and the carpeting doesn’t have much appeal, then ripping up the carpet to display the wood is definitely recommended. The wood may have to be refurbished or just waxed and polished; but hard wood floors are in vogue and it’s what many buyers are demanding.

If your sub-flooring is plywood and the carpeting is, again, not altogether appealing or has a color that is non-neutral, then replacing that carpet is in your best interest. Look at it this way: you’ll need to shell out some money upfront, but your flooring will be greatly noticed. You could get your investment back with a quicker sale and, quite possibly, more interested buyers—leaving little room for price negotiations. Any new carpet should be neutral colors only—light grays, tans and light browns--you need to appeal to the interests and preferences of the majority.

Also, make sure any and all ceramic tile pieces that are damaged are replaced. Clean the grout, if necessary or replace it.

2: Ceilings And Walls Should Be Warm And Neutral!

Discriminating home-buyers will be looking for any water stains on ceilings or walls that might indicate water damage. They will fear any mold or mildew formation if any water stains are present. Obviously, any water leakage needs to be fixed and you would be obligated to reveal that problem if it were not rectified. Any stain marks, as well as cracks, chips and other imperfections should be repaired—no if’s, and’s or but’s.

Paint ceilings, if necessary, and walls should be painted a neutral color to appeal to the masses—you just can’t go wrong with neutral tones—neutrals are much more of a necessity than they are an option. Tans, grays and very light browns are soothing to the eye and will find favor with virtually everyone.

3: Got Wallpaper?

Wallpaper can create a very aesthetic, inviting feel but it’s a very personal choice—much like fashion. Since it is such an individual preference, the chances of a potential buyer feeling comfortable with your particular choice of wallpaper is slim to none. To play it safe, remove old wallpaper and replace it with—you guessed it—a neutral paint.

4: Pitch The Dark Paneling!

The paneling era is basically over, but that doesn’t, necessarily, mean paneling needs to be eliminated. Paneling can be primed and painted light, welcoming colors such as cream or beige—the transformation will absolutely brighten the space, add a feeling of freshness and completely transform the look of the room!

5: Cruddy Cabinets?

Kitchens and bathrooms sell houses more than any other rooms of a home. If your kitchen or bathroom cabinets have seen better days, don’t hesitate to paint them. You would be amazed how a coat of good-quality paint and new hardware will make them look like new! Again, neutral colors are the best and make sure you use a semi-gloss or egg-shell finish since potential buyers will know a matte finish will be very hard to keep clean in a kitchen environment. Very light gray cabinets, for example, with cream ceramic or polished-brass knobs can produce a ‘wow’ factor that will be immediately noticed. Potential buyers should walk into your kitchen and be able to say, ‘What a warm, welcoming kitchen!”

Create an environment that offers an ambience which appeals to just about anyone who walks through your doors. There will be any number of competitive homes on the market that buyers can choose from; and they’re looking for a home that is clean and fresh, uncluttered, updated and move-in ready. Marketing your home is all about its appearance; and as they say, “It’s all in the presentation”; and that is 100% true when it comes to real-estate.

Selling a home is an intensive undertaking, but just remind yourself that all the effort and money you put into making it optimally marketable will pay off! Stay one step ahead of the competition and do what needs to be done—you won’t be sorry!


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