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5 Factors That Influence Home Roof Repair Costs

Updated on March 3, 2017
Home roof repair.
Home roof repair.


In most cases, the cost and time spent repairing a roof are dependent on a number of factors that influence the repair costs. Most of these factors are correlated, which means that the repair costs could be really high, making home roof repair one of the most stressful and costly maintenance ventures especially seeing as you have no choice in the majority of cases.

Extent and Type of Damage

A faulty roof results in damage, not just in the roofing materials, but also in the house structures such as the roofing support. The repair costs increase with an increase in damage. That said, you also have to know that different types of damage attract different costs.

Water and moisture damage repair costs, for instance, are not the same as structural damage repair costs. Also, a more extensive damage will require more materials for replacement, which affects the total cost considerably.

Type and Style of Roof

The repair workload, and therefore costs, will depend on the type and style of roof. A sloping roofing style, for instance, presents more difficulty in access for the roofers, which increases the overall workload and subsequently, the repair costs. Similarly, a heavy and layered roofing material will increase the workload and repair costs.

When it comes to type, you also have to consider the cost of purchase of new roofing materials and how that factors into the total repair costs. Some of the most popular type of roof in the market today are the following: gable, hip, mansard, gambrel, and flat.

Choice of Contractor

Depending on which roofing professionals you hire like those of West Bloomfield Michigan roofers, you might incur more or fewer costs in your roofing. Generally, a much sought-after, experienced, and quality contractor will charge a little higher than the ones who are starting out or haven't gained recognition yet.

But always remember that spending a bit more is better than spending for something you’ll regret later on. Go for those companies that offer quality services. Find those who are experienced in your locality, licensed and have workers who are insured.

Repair Permits

Contractors are required to apply for a repair permit when working on your home roof repair. These permits could affect the final costs especially if they are high. In some cases, light repair permits go for under $50. However, some roof repair permits may go for as high as over $200. Of course, the contractor will ask for reimbursement, and in the end, you will have to field the costs.

Permits are critical in the roofing work because it legalizes everything. If you have it for your roofing project, then the roofers can already start working. Some states will require putting up signs to inform your neighbors that you are repairing something in your house that can affect them indirectly for a short or long period. This also prevents accidents, especially if there are lots of kids in your community.


Factors such as the incline of your roof, the risk presented by the roofing materials, the necessity to reinforce the house before repairs begin and many others, all contribute to the risk factor. The greater the risk for the roofer, the higher you can expect the repair costs to be. Same with other jobs around, there is a hazard factor considered in roofing projects.


Make sure you get a quotation from a number of roofers in your area before you decide who to hire. Judging from their quotations and background, you can determine which of the contractors offers high-quality home roof repairs for a considerably low cost.

Which of the 5 factors do you think is the most important to consider?

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