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5 Great Tips to Save You Energy (and Money) at Home

Updated on November 24, 2017
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Collo Muks has a great passion for the environment and huge enthusiasm for energy conservation.

Our energy demands have greatly increased in the last few decades because of the proliferation of all kinds of electrical appliances and needs. This implies that at the end of every month or week, depending on your payment plans, you might find yourself having to settle huge gas or electricity bills especially during the cold months of the year. Energy saving is the best way to go for your home or property. With the energy saving strategies listed below, you can drastically reduce your gas and electricity bills without necessarily compromising on your comfort. They include:

1. Turn off appliances when not in use

Leaving your electrical or gas appliances on standby wastes a lot of energy. When you are not using these appliances, it is advisable to unplug them. For instance, TVs and game consoles cost households $60 to $100 a year when left on standby. This is excluding several other appliances in your home.

Learn to press on this button...
Learn to press on this button...

You can also switch off the lights when leaving a room. In a large number of households, you will still find the lights on in spite of plenty of natural light from the sun.

Try turning off your appliances for a period of time and observe the difference in your gas and electricity bills. You will be shocked!

2. Reduce the power of appliances

If you can turn down the appliances that you use to save on electricity. This can be done by reducing the power of your refrigerator, thermostat, microwave and any other appliance that you may have depending on the conditions. If it is not too cold, why put maximum power on the air conditioner? If it is a bit warm, why increase the power of your heater?

The state of energy consumed by appliances in households
The state of energy consumed by appliances in households

It is also very important to also learn the different operation modes of your refrigerator so that you can be able to utilize energy efficiently. You will find many households with the refrigerator tuned to the “frost” mode during winter. Don’t you think the chilling cold from winter is enough? There is no need to use maximum refrigerator power during winter. It’s just a waste of energy. Preserve that energy for summer!

3. Adopt a home insulation method

Both winter and summer come with their own tastes of energy bills. In winter you have to spend hundreds of dollars to warm your house while in summer, the air conditioner is overworked trying to pump cool air to you and your family.

Just as we clothe ourselves to keep warm, clothe your home...
Just as we clothe ourselves to keep warm, clothe your home...

Using gas or electricity to cool or warm your house has become one of the most expensive activities in most household. But did you know that you can reduce on bills by insulating your home. This will ensure to keep warm air inside during winter, thereby investing less energy on heating system. Moreover insulation keeps the heat outside during the summer period and hence you can use less gas or electricity for air conditioning and other cooling systems that you may require.

4. Energy saving light bulbs

With the advancement of technology, bulbs and other electrical appliances are becoming more energy efficient with every passing minute. Investing in energy saving bulbs can go a long way in conserving your electricity, therefore reducing your bills.

A neon bulb is equivalent to 8 energy saving bulbs! Food for thought...
A neon bulb is equivalent to 8 energy saving bulbs! Food for thought...

Most homes use neon and incandescent bulbs because they are cheap and readily available but they consume a lot of energy. That is why light bulbs account for about 20% of the total electricity bill in most households. You can consider using LEDs since they can last long and conserve a substantial amount of electricity as compared to the other bulbs in the market.

5. Monitor your gas and electricity use

Most gas cylinders come with a meter to allow you to observe your gas levels. Therefore, you can be able to closely monitor your gas consumption and know when you are misusing your gas.

You might not believe it! But an average household can utilize this amount of gas per year!
You might not believe it! But an average household can utilize this amount of gas per year!

The same is true with electricity. Using electricity prepaid meters, you can be able to monitor your electricity use at home and come up with efficient ways to conserve energy.

So, are you trying to conserve your gas and electricity? One thing that we must realize as human beings is the fact that energy is a finite resource, and how we use it determines the future of our generations to come. Try these five simple tips and note the differences that will manifest on your electricity bills.


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