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6 Inexpensive Ways to Create a Backyard Oasis

Updated on June 9, 2016

Backyards provide wonderful opportunities for expanding your living space. Designing and personalizing your own backyard oasis not only adds value to your home, but also creates an enjoyable area for relaxing, entertaining, and more. There are many possibilities for backyard oasis designs, regardless of the size or shape of your space. You can easily transform your backyard into a beautiful oasis, even if you have a small budget.

An assortment of flowers and plants makes a backyard oasis.
An assortment of flowers and plants makes a backyard oasis. | Source

Incorporate Plants Into Your Design

Adding plants and flowers to your backyard is an affordable way to create an oasis semblance. Tropical flowers such as Plumeria, Bougainvillea, Orchids, and Lochroma provide pops of bright color to any space. Vines create a sense of privacy, which is essential in any oasis. Many trellises cost under $100 and they are perfect for vines to climb up. Potted palm plants really add a tropical vibe to any backyard space, as well. Having a mix of potted and hanging flowers as well as actual planted flowers adds variety and interest. Experiment with an assortment of colors and varieties of plants. The more lush your backyard looks, the more it will seem like an oasis. If you have a large space, incorporate a wide assortment of ferns into your space to provide that lush, tropical aura.

A pathway surrounded by lush plants makes a tropical statement.
A pathway surrounded by lush plants makes a tropical statement. | Source

Create A Patio or Pathway

Patios and pathways don't have to be expensive and they really create a whimsical effect if surrounded by tropical plants and trees. Concrete pavers cost about $1 each at home improvement stores, and the pavers come in a vast variety of colors. You can design and create a custom patio or walkway that suits your taste. Walkways can be created with pebbles or gravel for much less than the cost of pouring concrete. Stepping stones are generally very cost effective and they make for lovely walkways. There are many inexpensive alternatives for designing gorgeous patios and walkways for a backyard oasis.

Wicker patio future appears very tropical.
Wicker patio future appears very tropical.

Add Patio Furniture

What good is a patio without furniture? Wicker patio furniture sets are usually cost-effective and they have the tropical look that complements any backyard oasis. Of course, bamboo and other woods make durable alternatives to wicker. Consider the fabric print, as well, to ensure it matches your oasis theme. Tropical colors like avocado or lime green, blue, and earth tones like tan and shades of brown really complement the tropical vibe of a backyard oasis.

Ambient lighting makes backyards look magical.
Ambient lighting makes backyards look magical. | Source

Use Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting is designed to accentuate focal points in your space. Backyard ambient lighting is very affordable, yet instantly makes the space appear like a million bucks after the sun goes down. There are hundreds of different kinds of ambient lighting; some are intended for patios, others for water features and trees. A simple string of lights instantly makes a deck or patio appear mystical without costing much. Garden lighting is designed to showcase lower foliage on the ground, and a strand of white globes costs under $20. Ambient lighting options are endless and many are solar-powered.

Water features provide a tropical oasis appeal to any backyard.
Water features provide a tropical oasis appeal to any backyard. | Source

Create Water Features

If you can't afford an expensive swimming pool with a waterfall, then consider affordable water features like small fountains and bird baths. Many garden fountains start at $30 and go up into the thousands. Lighted fountains typically cost around $150 to $300 and up, but they really contribute to the oasis theme of any outdoor space. Birdbaths usually cost under $100, and they draw different bird species to your backyard. No backyard oasis is complete without a water feature of some sort. Water features add interesting focal points to any space.

Garden accents complete a backyard oasis.
Garden accents complete a backyard oasis. | Source

Remember Accents

The little details sometimes make the most impact. Incorporating a few garden accessories into your flower beds and around water features adds interest, playfulness, and mystical beauty to a backyard oasis. Wind chimes, birdhouses and feeders, sculptures, plaques, pottery, and other landscape accessories attract attention and often even complete the overall appearance of your backyard. Avoid cluttering the space with too many accessories, but rather use them sparingly to simply accent your major focal points.

Creating a Romantic and Fragrant Backyard Oasis

Your Backyard Oasis

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