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Five modern, inventive sofas...

Updated on August 29, 2014

1. Hanabi - mottoWASABI

Yuki Abe designed Hanabi in 2005, almost 10 years ago now and still looks modern and futuristic. This design is a cross between a bean bag and lots of pillows piled up together - how amazingly comfy does that sound?

The Hanabi has more than one function, although it can be used as a chair, when attaching extra cushions, it transforms into a very stylistic sofa. Each Hanabi consists of several fabric bags filled with polystyrene pellets, giving it a beanbag-like appearance that cries out for you to take a cheeky power nap.

2. Couch Sleeper - Anne Lorenz

Anne Lorenz designed something so simple, you would think it already existed. The Couch Sleeper is a perfect way to turn your sofa into a bed without the hassle of removing the sofas cushions!

It’s a chaise, with a cushioned seat – but unzip the cushion and it transforms into a sleeping bag.

On Ms Lorenz website, she quotes: “The design is based on the notice that people always use a blanket while lying on the couch,”

3. Animi Causa - Feel Seating System

This sofa just screams 'inventive,' this sofa designed by Animi Causa is created by 120 upholstered balls that are loosely fitted together.

Due to the sofa being loosely fitted it enables you to rearrange the sofas shape best to fit you, making it your own personalized sofa.

4. Sleepy Chair - Daisuke Motogi Architecture

I am lured to this chair just through its title, the 'sleepy chair' is layers upon layers of pure comfort.

Unfortunately for me this chair is only a prototype, but the stacked blanket chair looks deliciously comfortable.

5. Enveloppe - LK Hjelle

Lastly we have the 'Enveloppe' created by LK Hjelle, large comfy cushions will surround you as if it is hugging you tightly.

LK Hjelle’s quotes about his design: “A soft and cozy nest with loosecover,” and that loose cover means you can curl up on the sofa while the end cushions curl around you.

Lie back and let the sofa hug you and conceal you in its warmth and goodness.

Which is your favourite inventive chair out the five?

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I find all five of these designs very desirable, the comfort and the warmth they project makes me want to curl up and take a break from what ever I am doing. Futuristic and contemporary designs screams modern and elegance, if you are looking for comfort yet also want a futuristic and tech vibe then these chairs are most defiantly for you. What was your favourite design - let me know and complete my poll.


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