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5 Perfect Places for your Gazebo!

Updated on November 11, 2015

A gazebo is an open-sided roofed structure which can take on many shapes and styles. While usually pretty simple in design, they can go an extremely long way in helping you to enjoy your outdoor space to its maximum potential. Here are 5 perfect places these outdoor structures really shine!

In the Garden

Traditionally the most popular place for gazebos is adjacent to, or in the flower garden, and for good reason. Actually when most people picture a gazebo in their minds they usually see one which is surrounded by colorful flowers. Maybe that's just because they seem to complement each other so well. Pairing your garden with wooden gazebo in particular, can be especially appealing if your garden is the focal point of your yard. And if it isn't already, adding one can instantly make it the center of attention.

There is just something so relaxing and peaceful about sitting in a shady spot with the scent of fresh flowers and the cool breeze blowing through as you enjoy tea, a conversation with a friend, or just a lazy day reading your favorite novel. Placing one near the garden will also give you somewhere you can admire all the benefits and beauty of your effort and hard work in the yard. Many people will plant climbing flowers or vines on their gazebos which not only makes for an even more natural feel but for a truly transitional space.

Adjacent to the Pool

Another place they work extremely well is next to the pool. As every swimming pool owner knows having a spot to relax out of the sun's rays is not only convenient but a "must." They make a great place to have a leisurely lunch between dips in the pool that can add tremendously to the value of your home and look of your outdoor space in general. A poolside gazebo is also somewhere parents can relax while being responsible at the same time. Adults can rest comfortably in the shade and still keep an eye on the kids ensuring their safety while swimming and playing in the water.

As a Covering for Your Hot Tub

An increasingly popular option is to use one to covering your hot tub. Some are actually specifically made for this job and advertised as "hot tub gazebos." Many of these come with walls or slats designed for adding some privacy that also can provide protection from the elements. Having your own private spot to relax in hot bubbly water is incredibly appealing on its own and when you combine this with a beautiful view by installing your hot tub and gazebo in a spot that overlooks a scenic view in your yard or beyond it can be downright fantastic.

That being said you may not want or need to have a view, as creating your own spa like hideaway is easy to accomplish with a few strategically planted shrubs and some lighting. Or if you do also have a swimming pool by placing a hot tub gazebo next to it, it gives you and your guests the option of being able to conveniently jump right into the pool after using the hot tub or vice versa.

Next to Your Pond

A more natural location is next to a pond, lake, or any water feature. Watching the fish lazily swim by and listening to the sounds of the water and the wildlife it attracts in the comfort of the shade is relaxation at its best. For someone who loves to meditate or just appreciates being able to enjoy the outdoors with all the comforts and none of the drawbacks of being at home, the edge of a pond is yet another splendid spot.

Many people who choose to install their gazebos near the water particularly love to sit in them on a summer’s night with the sounds of the accompanying frogs, crickets, and the occasional splashing of a jumping fish in the background. A gazebo also makes a perfect feeding station if you have ornamental fish like carp or even a shady place to lean a fishing rod if it is a natural lake.

As a Roof for Your Outdoor Kitchen

Covering an outdoor kitchen is always a smart idea and a gazebo can function as a well ventilated cooking space that offers great protection for outdoor appliances. And at the same time, a classy, stylish, and comfortable space to provide food and enjoyment for guests and family. Not to mention, a cool area for whoever is doing the cooking. A lot of homeowners when using their gazebo for this purpose will also install outdoor bars and often times TV's for even more fun as well. But, of course what works for you is always the best choice.

Whether it’s next to the pool, pond, garden or providing protection and privacy for an outdoor kitchen or hot tub a gazebo is the best way to experience your outdoor space. Making them not only an investment in pleasure and relaxation, but in the great memories to be made while using the them as well. So if you’re considering a gazebo, make sure you keep these 5 perfect spots in mind to help guarantee maximum enjoyment!

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