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Houses in Abuja: The Pros and Cons

Updated on June 22, 2012

Abuja Homes and Benefits

Abuja is one of the most expensive cities in the world that is a quote you shouldn’t take for granted if you are hoping to reside in Abuja but at the same time, she’s a beautiful city with wonderful landmarks, vegetation and scenery that shows her as a city with class. If you are looking for beauty, class and orderliness you have found one inAbuja. But one thing that scares most people away about her is her high cost of living especially rent. Owning a house for sale in Abuja is not as simple as getting cash and making down payment even if you are a money bag, the city is simply very expensive and unless you are super rich or have saved up a lot of money overtime you’ll find it not an easy task to be a home owner in Abuja.

But besides the obvious heavy housing cost what reason(s) should make anyone want to buy or own a house in Abuja. Here are 5 reasons to own a house in Abuja;

Abuja Houses offer Relative Safety

Despite the not so palatable Abuja Bomb blasts of 2011, personal safety and security is one thing you can’t mess with in Abuja. Crime rate here is one of the lowest in the country for a city of her size and comparing what happens in other major Nigerian cities, violent crimes are not very rampant in Abuja. People here tend to be more reasonably behaved and law abiding but for the occasional bad and ugly incidents people are relatively safer in their homes inAbujathan other Nigerian cities, hence another reason to buy or own a house in Abuja.

Abuja Houses are Solid Investment

Many Abuja landlords are multi millionaires the reason being that they collect outrageously high amounts as rent owing to ever increasing market value of Abuja real estate. The cost of paying rent in some Abuja houses is enough to build several houses in other parts ofNigeria. Imagine for instance if I pay N12 million a year as rent in a Maitama apartment but only need N1.5 million to build a 4 bedroom bungalow in Ankpa area of Kogi state one could ask why not become a home owner instead of being a tenant? The reason for this discrepancy is that Abuja is well developed with the best infrastructure in the country and the main cause of property value is location and available infrastructure and amenities. So property values will continue to rise and the landlords will continue to smile home to the bank.

Abuja Houses make Collateral for loan

Your house in any part of the world is an asset but not all assets are worth serious mention like say a house in the rural part ofNigeria. If I wanted a loan and put up a small 4 bedroom bungalow in my village as collateral unless the amount I am seeking for as loan is paltry no bank would take me seriously. But bring forward a 4 bedroom bungalow in Wuse 2 or Asokoro and see if the banks will not rush to sign you up. The reason is that a house in Abuja especially in a highbrow area of the city is a hot cake that deserves lots of attention. If you are about to embark on a project or business and are looking to finance it, a house in Abuja will serve you well as collateral for a bank loan.

Abuja Homes make good Environment/location

The Abuja environment is another reason why you should buy or own a house inAbuja. The natural, serene and wide open spaces means less congestion and pollution unlike other cities of Nigeria you will easily notice that Abuja roads are wide and have many ornaments beautifying them. Apart from the densely populated parts of the city usually the commercial areas; markets, bus stops and government buildings, most of Abuja is quiet and beautiful. Besides,Abuja is centrally located in the middle of Nigeria meaning that geographically you are within reach of any part of the country within equal range of time. So if you have to travel whether by air or land you are well placed

Abuja Houses offer Convenience

Another thing that comes with owning a house in Abuja is the social convenience the place offers. The city is well planned and things are organized. Life is relatively more convenient, power supply for instance is relatively more stable, the roads are in good condition, there is noticeable presence of government in town and people in the city are more enlightened and responsible than in other cities I have lived in. You are not likely to find someone coming to paste a bill on your fence or wall nor are you likely to find street hustlers coming to the front of your house to display wares for sale. The city’s environmental task force is there to see them off.


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