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5 Signs that You Need a Bathroom Renovation

Updated on August 8, 2016

Look around. You might not aware of it, but your home may need a bathroom renovation.

We all spend much time in the bathroom so it is vital to make sure that the bathroom is as comfortable and relaxing as you would want it to be. The space and the facilities in the room should be sufficient and reliable enough for you to be able to do whatever you need to in the most stress-free way. However, sometimes if not paid attention to and updated, the bathroom could end up being rather uncomfortable, and if this is the case in your house, it might be a sign that yours needs a bathroom renovation. So, to help you, Bella Vista has listed some of the signs to look out for which suggest that you might need to upgrade your bathroom.

Growing Family

If your kids are growing or there is a baby on the way, you may start to think about whether you will cope with your bathroom’s current condition. Having a growing family could be an indication that you need a bathroom renovation. A bigger tub is definitely recommended for families with children so bath time can be fun and with enough space. Additionally, consider a bigger space for storage and countertop use for families with teenagers.

Old and Outdated

If your home was built in the 70’s, 80’s or 90’s, then there’s probably a need in renovating your bathroom . A newly renovated bathroom will give your room a new lease of life. The functionality will vastly improve, there will be more space available and it will be the room you’ll love to be in the most!

Health and Safety

The bathroom is prone to accidents. If you have a leaky toilet and broken tiles, then an accident can occur at any time. In addition, a bathroom that has high moisture content could end up moldy, which can cause illness. Also, you may want to add other safety features like grip bars if you live with someone with limited mobility or for an elderly person’s comfort or other quality bathroom accessories.

Limited Space Bathroom

If you often feel cramped whenever you go to the bathroom, then possibly it’s an indication that you need a bathroom renovation. Revamping a bathroom can produce more space because there are many space-saving options available to choose from today, maximizing on the space you have and improving the configuration too.

House for Sale

In nearly all situations, a bathroom renovation project increases the general value of the home. Even though it is not a necessity to renovate your bathroom before selling your house, it is still a very good idea. To know more about how bathroom remodel can increase the value of your home it’s useful to speak to a real estate agent. If you think that your bathroom desperately needs a new shower screen and other bathroom accessories, don’t hesitate to contact Bella Vista as we have a wide selection of bathroom ware available.

The above mentioned signs are just some of the many hints that your bathroom may need renovation. Of course, you might have your own reasons as to why you want to renovate your bathroom. What’s good to know is that Bella Vista has every item that you need to achieve the style of bathroom that you want.


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