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5 Social Media Mistakes To Avoid As A Real Estate Agent

Updated on April 7, 2017

Social Media marketing is growing day by day. For real estate agents, the social media marketing is one of the best sources to market their business. Nowadays, every real estate agent is using social media marketing to take their business to the next level. They are setting targets, promoting services and engaging with the followers while creating new opportunities for themselves in the real estate business. Although social marketing isn’t something new, there are a few things that a real estate agent needs to keep in mind while using social media for marketing and promotion.

A wrong social media marketing strategy can adversely impact the overall outlook of a real estate agent. Here are five social media mistakes to avoid:

1) Restrain from posting Inappropriate content or updates:

Usually, all the real estate agent makes this mistakes. Many real estate agent ends up posting content that is not relevant to their business. For example, fashion related content writing using some high ranking keywords to gain online visibility. However, they don’t realize that such practice can put their online reputation at stake. While writing content or sharing the updates you should think twice and should upload content that is related to your business.Content relevant to one’s business can not only get more visitors but as well as a good number of prospective customers.

2) Too Much Publicity Cab Be Bad:

You, as a real estate agent, should avoid promoting your business frequently. It is good to share the listings or promoting the offers but too much promotion of it could put make it look like a spam and people will be less attractive towards it.If you really wish to promote your business aggressively, try using multiple platforms instead of using just one. For example, you can promote the business on Google +, blogger, Facebook, Instagram and more. Share your same content on multiple platforms to make your network grow.

3) Limited Information:

Okay! So you have a building to sell and you are using social media tool to promote it. Are you providing the adequate information? Well, most of the times, real estate agents forget to provide the much-needed information on the property. For example, the dimension of the property is it near to some shopping complexes, how far is it from schools and educational institutes, its neighborhood type and more. People looking to invest in property will need a lot of information. Just putting an ad about the availability of the property is not enough. Make sure that your social media marketing strategy has all the information that a prospective buyer might need to know.In fact, the content should be drafted from the perspective of the customer.

4) Focusing Only On Content:

Real estate is one such business that can be promoted without much content. However, many times a real estate agent fails to understand it. Too much content and no image or video can make a social media marketing a dull campaign. Whether you are dealing with household properties or corporate buildings you need to display images and videos so people can know what you have to offer. Just content is not enough. There are many tools available through which you can edit the images and videos and can give the best effect in few minutes. These tools prove really helpful in promote business and they save time in writing huge amount of content which no one actually reads completely.

5) Your Followers Need Attention To:

You might have a Facebook page and a twitter account with many followers, but how many times do you actually interact with them. Your followers are your audience who are keen to know what you are up to. Don’t just use social media to promote or advertise something. In fact, use it to engage with the followers. Spend time to understand what your followers are up to, share information with them, write to them and take interest in their online social activity. This will improve your bond with your audience i.e. followers.

The aforementioned are some of the common mistakes that ever real estate agent makes in his/her social media marketing campaign. Try and abstain from these mistakes to achieve the desired results.


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