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3 Things You Didn't Know You Were Cleaning Wrong

Updated on June 19, 2016

Unless you are a professional cleaner that makes a living from cleaning, no one really researches how to clean. Actually, we all just want to get it out of the way so that we can do the more important things in our lives.

But in order to help you clean more effectively, here are some tips from professional cleaners that will help you clean faster and better.

The Best Way To Clean Plastic Toys!

You have to feel a bit of sympathy for plastic toys. If they are not being thrown around the room, stomped on or kicked, then they are in the mouth of your toddler. So for the sake of your child's immune system, and as a general act of neighbourly kindness to the toy, what is the best way of cleaning plastic toys?

The hard way is to gather some soapy water and a rag and manual wash them. But this is quite a time-consuming job as it is a little bit difficult to clean under Ken's arms. The cheats/professionals way is to use the dishwasher. Think about it - They will be blasted and sanitized by your dishwasher and come out ready to eat off, or at the very least chewed on. Just make sure that you take off any loose pieces before you put them in and set the temperature to low (unless you actually find some toys that say 'dishwasher safe' on them).

Cleaning Your Driveway - Like A Boss

How do you clean your driveway? Does it generally involve waiting for a good downpour of rain to wash the leaves off it? Or do you get the hose out and give it a quick sprinkling to wash the dirt off?

Either of these two methods will still leave you with oil stains and dirt build-up left on your concrete driveway. But there is an easy solution!

Commercial pressure cleaners used to be exclusively the domain of professional cleaning companies, but now they are more affordable and easier-to-use than ever. At your local hardware store you can normally pick up an entry-grade pressure washer for under $100. But that is just half the battle, then you have to learn how to use it.

First of all, do not be intimidated. It is powerful, but it is your friend. Just remember the golden rule - always point it away from you. Use long flowing strokes for an even clean. Do not put the cleaning tip any closer than 20cm away from the concrete. For the best results, use a mildew cleaning solution to penetrate the deeper stains. Take your time and stay safe. Once your driveway is cleaned, it is appropriate to stand out the front of your house and admire it for a while, don't worry your neighbours will be doing the exact same thing from inside their houses.

Use Your Head To Clean Your Shower

Cleaning the shower head is a tricky task. First of all, it is hard to access unless you are LeBron. Secondly, if you just use the traditional soapy water and cloth cleaning technique, the results are disappointing. So here is a technique to help you clean smarter, not harder.

Get a small plastic bag, make sure it has no holes in it. Pour some white vinegar in the bag, enough to submerge the shower head in. Wrap the bag around the shower head so that it is submerged in the vinegar, and leave it while you watch an episode of Simpsons. After 30 minutes, take the bag off and rinse the shower head with water. Not only will the shower head be shimmering new, but all of the little holes will be unblocked and you will get a more satisfying shower.

Now after all of this hard work cleaning the easier way, you deserve a reward, so take a chair and relax. Actually, set up your chair in your front-yard and keep admiring your awesome work.

If you have any cleaning hack that you want to share be sure to leave them down below.

Thank you for reading and all the best with your cleaning.

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