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5 Tips For Moving Day

Updated on July 9, 2014

Moving is an extremely time-consuming process, mostly because there has to be a lot of time involved in packing up all the items and belongings of the current place. People are always surprised by just how many days or weeks it can take just to get everything organized and ready to move. They will often end up running out of time to work on it and "slamming together" the final parts of their move. This can easily lead to bigger problems at the end of their move and during the unpacking process.

1. Start As Early As Possible

Most people need to have at least 4 weeks to get ready for the move. That's because it can take a few hours to pack each and every room. In fact, I’ve read recently that it takes an average college student 4-5 hours or more to pack a tiny dorm room before moving away. Now you might remember that can be as small as half a normal room (although with tons of stuff crammed in it). Multiply that time by the amount of rooms you have in your current place, and will begin to have a picture of how much is really involved.

2. Get Rid Of Items You Don't Want or Need

Before you start moving brisbane, one of the easiest removals packing tips is to just eliminate any items you don't really want or need anymore. It's simple to gather a lot of items over time that one doesn't even want anymore that just take up space. Decide what belongings you need to keep in your new house. Anything you don't believe you will need and items you don't really need anymore should be got rid of. Give the stuff away, host a garage sale, or quickly donate them to charity and take a tax deduction. You can save yourself a large load of work when your moving day arrives if you have eliminated stuff you don't want any longer.

3. Take your Time

A very important moving tip that one should keep in mind is the basic one that tells you that you should take your time when moving. Moving is almost always an overwhelming task that can easily make you feel like you must rush to finish the job. Just give yourself a chance to plan ahead and always provide yourself with plenty of time to get everything done without having to push yourself. Avoiding costly problems often will come down to having extra time in your schedule to get everything done. Do not rush into choose a moving company or moving method, pack slow enough to be absolutely sure that your things are not broken or forgotten, and plan in additional time to get things transported to your new residence in one piece.

4. Consider Hiring Professional Help

You should also weigh the option of hiring professionals to take care of the job for you. While you could possibly save a little money when you do the job yourself with some friends and family members helping you, you'll still have lots of costs to consider. If you do manage to do the move yourself, you'll have to purchase things like boxes and packing materials, and you will have to rent a truck and other moving equipment. In some cases, using a professional mover can actually save you money! Professionals will do the whole process for you, loading and unloading your belongings, and that is very handy if you can’t get a lot of family members and friends to help you move.

5. Have Any Payment For Your Movers Ready in Advance.

If you do hire professional movers, you'll usually need money order, cash, or certified check in hand BEFORE they can unload a single box of yours. In fact, they could legally leave with your belongings until the second they get their payment in the type they accept. Many do not accept every type of credit cards, and some don't take credit cards whatsoever. Double check before you sign any agreement with a moving company, and check it again with whoever is in charge of the move before they begins loading.

If you can follow these basic moving packing tips, you'll be more well-positioned to make your move less stressful.

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