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5 Tips for Getting Rid of Pesky Holiday Food Smells

Updated on December 19, 2016

Leg of lamb. Sweet potatoes. Glazed ham. These are just a few of the food odors that smell so good when Christmas dinner is on the table — and pretty awful the next morning if you don’t get rid of the lingering smell. What can you do to minimize pungent food odors, especially in small apartments? Here are five simple, inexpensive ideas.

1. Close all room doors while cooking.

Fabric, like your curtains and clothes, eat up the lingering odors and fumes in the air, whether we want them to or not. So, it doesn’t matter if you’re standing in the kitchen or they’re hanging up in your room -- if their not protected, they’ll smell. The same goes for you bed, so make a practice of closing all doors in your home before you start cooking.

2. Ventilate however you can.

The best way to avoid odors is to eliminate them any and every way possible as fast as you can. Using the vent over the stove is a good idea, along with using an air conditioner, air filter, or opening a window. Just don’t forget to change the filter if you choose this route.

3. Clean up immediately.

Clean as you go, clean at the end -- it doesn’t matter. Just make sure you do fast. Sanitizing the stove, countertop, and anywhere else that food was prepared or lain is the best way to eliminate most of the smell. Don’t forget to do the dishes!

4. Create a spice mixture.

If you like aroma candles or incense, you’ll love this tip. Place a pot simmering on your stove, with spices inside. Nice-smelling mixtures like oranges, cinnamon sticks, clover and basil (besides the incense) will put a whole new smell in your home.

5. Leave a bowl of vinegar, baking soda or coffee grounds on the counter overnight.

Eliminate lingering, stubborn odors by leaving a small bowl on the counter filled with white vinegar, baking soda or coffee grounds, before you go to bed. Any of the three will naturally dissipate any remaining cooking smells by morning.

Want an extra layer of clean for your home before the New Years? Call your local house cleaning service to care of those pesky food smells and more!

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