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5 Tips for a Safer Home

Updated on February 12, 2015

Just like any other homeowner, you want a safer or secured place. With all the crimes that are happening every single day, having a lock on your door is simply not enough anymore. So how can you ensure the safety of your own home? Here are some tips I’ve gathered to help you out.

1. Get high quality locks.

Locks are still the most important security product that you should buy and install in your home. You should never scrimp when buying locks because just like with anything else, most of the time the best quality locks are the the more expensive ones. Nowadays there are more technologically advanced locks. It’s no longer just about using a key; there are now locks that can be opened by your smartphone. These would even alert you, again through your phone, that somebody has accessed the room. That’s an innovative way of monitoring your place.

2. Install surveillance cameras.

CCTV cameras are getting more common each day that almost every place you go, there’s at least one camera monitoring that area. These surveillance cameras are also getting more affordable that there is no longer any excuse why any homeowner can’t install one. Also, installing CCTV cameras not only secures your place, but it can also record some of the strangest things you might see in your life. Just check out the infographic below:

3. Monitor the strangers in your neighborhood.

You should always be vigilant and suspecting of the strangers in your area. I’m not saying they are automatically bad people, but it is important that you are aware they are there so you can make any necessary safety precautions just in case something untoward happens. If you suspect that someone is up to no good, you should inform the police.

4. Don’t announce in the social media you’re going on a holiday.

It is now known that there are some burglars who actually stalk their future victims through the social media like Facebook and Twitter. They are waiting for these people to share their vacation and travel plans, especially the exact dates they will be going away. This informs them your house will probably be left alone on those dates and gives them the opportunity to rob it. So keep your vacation details to yourself.

5. Get a dog.

But not just any dog. Choose a breed that is at least a good watch dog; one that will alert you that there are strangers nearby. You don’t need the largest breeds for this purpose because even small dogs can be great watch dogs. Just think of chihuahuas and shih tzus. They can also be effective in protecting your house.

Always be a step ahead.

These are just some of the best tips to help you make your home a safer and more secured place. One last thing, you should always think one step ahead of the bad guys. You should assess, or hire a professional to do it, how safe your home is and what are the improvements you need to do. It pays to be ready all the time.


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    • Larry Rankin profile image

      Larry Rankin 2 years ago from Oklahoma

      Great tips for securing your home.