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5 Ways To Make Your Backyard Amazing and Summer Ready

Updated on April 4, 2017

Making your backyard space unique and fun is a great way to ensure that you will get the maximum benefit out of the space. We aren't talking boring projects like decks and pathways, but projects that can be big or small depending on your space, skills and budget and make a huge impact in the enjoyment of your space.

What follows are 5 ideas to get you motivated and ready to go with new plans and ideas that will make your neighbors jealous and your friends always wanting to visit!

1. Outdoor Pizza Oven

Forget the grill upgrade this year instead build yourself a cool wood burning pizza oven! Who doesn't love that wood fired grill pizza flavor? Now you can get that taste at home in your own backyard. This is a project that you can build totally yourself in many different ways from brick to concrete to metal barrel or you can buy a kit that makes it even easier.

This is a project that is great for cooking pizzas but can also work as an outdoor fireplace in the fall as well it looks great as well. Channel your inner pizza chef and get cooking!

2. Outdoor Shower

Depending on the privacy level of your backyard you will need a design to make sure you are comfortable but how great is an outdoor shower project?!

There is something really decadent about getting naked outside for a shower but it is also very practical as well. Who wants to heat up your bathroom in the summer with a hot shower? You can incorporate a simple outdoor shower design with a solar option to heat the water or go bigger with a full plumbing shower depending in your needs and budget.

This is a project that can be completely customized to meet your space, privacy and design ideas and can be very simple, over the top elaborate or somewhere in between. You can even swap out the shower for an outdoor bathtub if you wanted but no matter what form your outdoor bathing takes you will be glad you jumped into this idea.

3. Water Feature

The sound of water is one of the most soothing things you can incorporate into your backyard design. Adding a water feature does not have to be a huge, or even expensive, project or you can go a little crazy. Some of the best features, in my opinion, are ones that use objects in unexpected ways and give them a new life.

A water feature can also help block some noise if your backyard tends to have traffic or other noises that can reduce your enjoyment. The sounds and visual effect of the water falling is really a wonderful and relaxing addition to your yard. This is a great way to make a big impact in your yard.

4. Add a Shed - Theater or Party

Add a shed to your backyard and turn it into a party shed or a completely unexpected theater shed!

The "he shed" and "she shed" are huge design ideas and trends right now and you can get easy plans to build a shed yourself or get a kit from the hardware store. But the key is then you can go crazy and turn that shed into an amazing outdoor space instead of a spot for your lawnmower.

The shed can be decorated and outfitted as a party/bar space for entertaining or turn it into a movie theater. The ideas are endless and a quick internet search for shed design ideas will have your head spinning with possibilities and the hardest part of this project will be choosing just one idea.

5. Natural Swimming Pool

This is a little bit bigger project but with a huge payoff. Building your own natural swimming pool, or a smaller wading pool, is a great way to use some yard space and by building it as a natural pool you won't be using chemicals. You can instead create something that feels like you built the yard and house around a pond that was already there.

There are as many different design ideas and sizes for this project as there are drops of water and you can scale this up or down according to you space and budget. No matter what design or size you choose you will still have something really special to enjoy in your yard everyday.

A natural pool is more visually appealing than any of those typical commercial pool options and the lack of chemicals is safer for you and the yard as well.

Now, hopefully, you are inspired to choose a project, or 2 or 3 or more, and make your backyard its own vacation spot for the summer. These fun and useful ideas will help you to enjoy your own space a little bit more and your friends and family will be happy to enjoy the space with you (if you decide to let them).

Even if you are just starting with a simple and inexpensive water feature or ready to build a pizza oven you will be glad you jumped in with a new project for your backyard. Creating something unique and completely your own style in what takes usually a pretty ordinary space and turns into your backyard oasis that is all yours.

If you happen to be a renter and can't make permanent changes you can still craft a pizza oven that is portable, a water feature that is patio or deck ready and even a simple shower with a solar bag heater to customize your space without losing your deposit later!

Enjoy your summer.


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