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5 Ways to Get Rid of Ants in your Home

Updated on June 2, 2013

5 Ways to Kill off Ants in the Home

Ants may be tiny when compared to many annoying pests but in large numbers can pose not just a big nuisance to our daily lives but turn out to be vectors for a few mild illnesses that we may suffer if little or nothing is done to contain them.

So it makes sense to want to eliminate ants from our homes using a few inexpensive and effective methods. But we must be careful not to be too much in a hurry to get rid of these pests for danger of hurting our pets and even kids. For this reason I won’t recommend use of chemical insecticides or sprays which may be harmful to people allergic to them.

5 Great ways to get rid of ants from your home

Just think of removing ants from home as a way of keeping out trespassers except this time we’re dealing with small sized ones.

Use of Ant Barriers

One way of getting rid of ants from the home is to use barriers that put the ants at bay, away from your home and a few come to mind. One way to do this is with the use of detergent based barriers. If you realize that ants love to congregate around your dirty dishes you can lock them out by putting all your dirty dishes into a detergent based soapy water. They won’t risk trying to enter the sink because some how they know it would be their last experience except for a few who try and never learn their lesson.

Use of Ant Repallants

Just as humans are allergic to certain substances so too are ants, they hate vinegar, cinnamon and lemon juice. If you can identify entry points leading to your home for which ants regularly pay you uninvited visits show them the way out by welcoming them with enough deposits of natural ant repellants. They won’t bother trying to go beyond the points at which you have your repellants. Another way is to find cracks leading to their colonies and lavish some of these repellants it will keep them busy within their colonies and away from your home.

Keeping your Home Clean puts off Ants

The best way to keep ants away from your home is to maintain proper hygiene. Clean your home regularly using vinegar/lemon based cleaning agents especially around your dining and kitchen area which is where they’ll likely gather in your home. Also remember to clean your floors properly especially if you have pets making sure they’re no food particles around each time you feed your pets. Best practice would be to keep your pets in a separate part of your home.

Use Ant killer Gels

There are some affordable insecticide gels that do a marvelous job in killing ants. Rather than pollute your home with strong offensive smells they offer power baits to ants. While the scouting party of ants think they’ve found food for the colony little do they know they’re about to kill their queen and all the remaining ants. They simply run-off with the gel and feed themselves to death. Often times this method works killing whole colony of ants within a few days.

Setting Traps also rids your home of Ants

Some people would rather set up traps that’ll kill ants in large numbers. The problem with using ant traps is that they offer temporary solutions because ants multiply rapidly and this doesn’t really kill them enough for them not to visit again. But you could try a mixture of molasses and yeast and spread it on cardboard and place it where ants love to gather. The yeast in the mixture dehydrates their bodies and kills them.


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