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6 Ways to Make Your Scottsdale AZ Home Burglar Proof

Updated on January 21, 2014

How Safe is Scottsdale?

Pretty safe, but better to make sure.
Pretty safe, but better to make sure.

Scottsdale AZ Crime Rates

Scottsdale AZ has much higher rates of crime than you might believe. According to the FBI, Scottsdale has a considerably higher rate of crime than the national average, but not at an extreme level. The chance of becoming a victim of either violent or property crime is 1 in 35 for the community.

Violent crimes are lower than average for all communities in America, while property crimes are a bit above average. No matter where you live, its always a good idea to have a secure home.

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#1 Deadbolt Your Doors

A great way to make all your exterior doors harder points of entry for grubby burglars is to install deadbolts in all the doors. This will provide an additional anchor point for all of your doors, and also makes a would-be intruder have to be able to pick a much harder lock with a regular key hole.

Deadbolts make sense!

#2 Secure Your Windows with Locks

Batten down the hatches! When you are considering home security in your Scottsdale home, you want to think like a crook. On most homes, the easiest point of entry is the window on the ground floor. A simple and cost effective solution to this problem is to install window locks on all exterior windows on your home. Window locks are not expensive and can be purchased at any home improvement store in your area, plus they are really easy to install, even for the tool challenged among us!

#3 Protect Your Windows With Plants That Bite!

The Desert is a great place for spiny things to grow, cactus, yucca and all types of plants that will bite you! They can be great deterrents for fence lines and windows, and also add the the ambiance and look of your home!

Spiky Friends


#4 Rekey Your Homes Locks

If you didn't re-key your door locks when you moved into your home in Scottsdale, you should definitely get the procedure performed by a qualified locksmith company. This process will ensure that you know exactly who has keys to your home, without a re-key old tenants or owners of the home could still have access to your home! Many times property management companies will give out a number of keys to contractors and real-estate agents, so it is very important to re-key your locks whenever you are uncertain what keys are in circulation for your doors.

#5 Get a Dog!

If you don't already have a 4-legged friend at home, consider getting a dog for the love, companionship, and of course the protection! A burglar is much less likely to mess with your house when they see mans best friend in your home ready to receive them.

#6 Hire a Professional Locksmith for a Security Consultation

Locksmiths in Scottsdale AZ will know how to make sure that your home is secure from the unwanted intruders in your area. They have been around the block and see the damage after homes and businesses in Scottsdale get broken into. They can look around the perimeter of your home and help you diagnose issues that may arise from faulty locks, doors, and gates. We reccomend, East Valley Lock and Key, check out their A rating in the BBB here: East Valley Lock and Key - Locksmith

Has Your Home Ever Been Broken Into?

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    • brainspike profile imageAUTHOR

      Brian Williams 

      4 years ago from Phoenix, USA

      Thanks swell yes in the desert it is a great looking way to protect your home!

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Thanks for this post, I like the idea of putting in cactus under the windows, such a great point for the desert climate.


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