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My favorite carpet cleaning tips

Updated on January 18, 2017

Every single carpet has its own special cleaning requirements. Here are some basic tips that can help you to clean your carpet effectively.

Define your carpet’s type

This is one of the most important things before starting to clean your carpet. You have to use different techniques for every different type of carpeting.

If your carpet is woolen you should not use hot water to wash it. Always wash it with cold water, otherwise the carpet will shrink and will damage irreversible. Don’t use abrasive chemical cleaners, because the wool is very sensitive and the chemicals could harm the material.

If your carpet is synthetic you have to consider the option to rent an extraction machine, because the synthetic carpeting is really, really capricious. Pour a few drops into a saucer and leave them to dry off. If this part of the saucer is sticky, you have to change the cleaner.


The vacuuming cannot remove all the dust collect in the carpeting, but you have to do it at least twice a week if you want to extend your rugs’ life. When vacuuming don’t miss any spot and pay more attention to the most used areas – where the highest traffic is.


The carpeting could be the biggest cause of allergies. I have allergy and I know how hard it is to maintain your carpet really clean. The reason why the carpeting can cause health problems is the collected dust. The only way to avoid this action is to get all the carpets and rug inside the house and beat them with heavy stick. You can use your husband’s tennis racket, because it makes strong hits and cannot be broken that easy. You have to do this regularly, if you want to protect your family’s health.


The stains are enemy number 1 to every carpet. Some stains are so persistent, they could damage your rugs forever. Here are some basic tips to remove stains from your carpeting. But before applying anything on the rug, you have to define its type. Let’s start with the most common red wine stains and then I will propose you a solution to chocolate stains.

Club soda – the carbonation of this drink could lift the stains and it is completely harmless to the carpet’s fibers.

Vinegar and soap – first you have to pour some drops white vinegar on the stain and after that to apply the soap. The substances will react to each other and remove the coloring. Remember that you should not scrub strong, because you could harm the carpet’s fibers.

White wine – the white wine could neutralize the red wine stains. Pour the white wine and start to absorb the coloring with a sponge cloth. Don’t scrub, because you can spread the red stain.

When you have a chocolate stains on your rugs, the first thing you have to do is to remove as much as you can without scrubbing. After that use ammonia dissolved in warm water.


Before washing the carpeting you have to vacuum them really well, otherwise the dirt could just spread and seal on your carpet. And don’t forget the advice from step 1 – you have to define the type of your carpet before start washing it. Other important point is that you have to wash your carpeting only in warm or hot days. The winter and the pluvial are the most inappropriate time to wash carpets and rugs. They have to dry off really quickly, otherwise will appear a really bad smell.


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