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5 great uses for the over the door shoe holder

Updated on July 18, 2012

Getting clutter under control

We all have issues with clutter in one area of our house or another. Let's face it, most of us cannot afford to get our closets or cabinets remodeled but here is an affordable solution for smaller clutter zones. Next time you are at your local store or surfing the web, grab a shoe organizer that hangs on the door with all the bag compartments. This is a very useful object.

You can use it to:

  1. hang that ever growing shoe collection, because we all know that there is never enough shoes for all the occasions in our lives.
  2. If you have children you can use it to put the small toys in the different compartments. This keeps them organized while keeping most of them in the reach of your children. I personally recommend keeping the play-dough in the very top your kids don't smear it into your new carpet when you aren't looking.
  3. Use it to store your make-up. You can keep all of the different products in different compartments according to type. This also allows for easy travel as you can just roll it up and put it in your suitcase so you don't get to the hotel and realize you forgot something.
  4. If you are a Mr/Mrs. Fix-it, you probably have a bunch of loose nuts and bolts laying here and there. You can use this shoe organizer to store your nuts and bolts by size.
  5. Use it in your pantry as a spice rack, as many of us have more spices than our spice racks were meant to hold. Now you can see what is where and keep it all together.

There are plenty more ways to use the over the door shoe organizer but I think these are just some of the great ways to use them. Now the shoe organizers come in a variety of colors so it can be as funky as you like. The best way to organize it to keep it simple, and as I prefer cost effective.


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    • lucille12 profile image

      lucille12 2 years ago

      It can help you arrange your shoes so that you will very easily locate the proper pair every time you need them.