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5 home made chandelier cleaner recipes

Updated on May 9, 2013
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Light and Brighten Your Home with a Sparkling Clean Chandelier

Light up Your Home with Sparkling Clean Chandelier
Cleaning your crystal or brass chandelier is an intricate process and can involve cleaners laden with heavy cleaning chemicals. Chandelier cleaning can be a quick or longer process depending on the amount of time available. Provided below are some excellent cleaning tips and crystal chandelier cleaning recipes for solutions that are easily made with products that you have available in your home. There are several homemade non-toxic chandelier cleaner recipes available. Even some chandelier restoration projects require just a thorough cleaning.

Before you begin you will need the following items:

• Ladder
• Cotton wiping cloths and gloves
• Cleaning solution of your choice

Insure that your ladder is stable and sturdy and gives you an ample amount of work space. Turn off the lights on your chandelier and allow the bulbs to cool. It is advisable to dust the chandelier before cleaning to remove lint and dust. Work from the top of the chandelier to the bottom to avoid any dripping and remember to work from the inside out. It may be helpful to consult the manufacturers guide to find any recommended cleaner.
You may want to disassemble the chandelier before cleaning. If you choose to disassemble the chandelier, be certain to take a quick photo to have something to refer to when reassembling. Baggies placed over the light fixture and fastened with a rubber band should keep water from draining into the light sockets.
Directions: Lay a drop cloth beneath your chandelier and prepare a safe working area beneath the lamp. Transfer some of the cleaning product in a tumbler sized glass or plastic drinking cup. You can immerse the draping chandelier piece into the glass and allow the piece to drip dry. The chandelier cleaner solution will not leave water spots or smears. For pieces of the chandelier that are not submersible, rub with solution on a cloth and allow to air dry. You can also use cotton gloves to rub the pieces clean with no worry regarding smearing or spots.

Recipe one:

Mix one cup rubbing alcohol with three cups water and place in a bucket or bowl.

Recipe two:

One fourth cup dishwashing soap mixed with one eighth cup of ammonia and three cups water. Remember with this recipe that you will need to rinse the chandelier with clean water to keep from leaving any film on the pieces.

Recipe three:

Mix two cups of warm water with one quarter cup of rubbing alcohol and a tablespoon of rinse agent for dishwashers. Do not use this solution on bulbs.

Recipe four:

Mix three cups of water with one cup of vinegar and stir in one tablespoon of lemon juice.

Preparation Time:

Prep time: 5 min
Ready in: 5 min
Yields: Time to prepare the cleaning solution

Ingredients for recipe number 5

  • one part hydrogen peroxide
  • four parts water

Instructions for recipe number 5

  1. Mix one part hydrogen peroxide with four parts water. Remember that peroxide is an oxidizing agent and if the solution is heavier, becomes a bleaching solution.
  2. Spray the peroxide mixture onto your chandelier, or apply with a cloth and allow the mixture to sit for about fifteen minutes, then wipe dry. Hydrogen peroxide does not leave any chemical agents behind and is safe for the environment.


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      lindsays5624 5 years ago

      I could not agree more that cleaning a chandelier makes a massive difference

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