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5 reasons to paint your home

Updated on September 16, 2011

Here are 5 great reasons to paint your home

Have you ever driven through a neighbor hood were there were one or two houses that looked worn down and out of place? Is YOUR house that house?? The number 1 reason to have your house pressure washed or re-painted is to create a curb appeal which in turn increases the value of your home. Your house is a life long investment why shouldn't your home maintain a timeless look that gives you the same happy feeling each day as the day you bought it.

The second reason to paint your home will help you decide between Vinyl siding or painting the exterior of your home. . Vinyl siding is not the right choice .Siding has been proven to release harmful gases into the environment. Vinyl is composed of polyvinyl chloride which produces harmful greenhouse gases. There have been studies stating that it could be harmful to your health. So if your deciding to go green painting or staining the exterior of your home is the right choice.

The third reason to paint your home would be staining (water proofing) or painting the deck . A deck can cost thousands of dollars to rebuild or repair depending on the size. Staining or painting will water proof the wood around your home . The weather can play a big part in the damage of your wood . Snow , rain , and hard winters will ware down your wood if its not properly managed and taken care of , This will also improve the value of your home.

Number four the interior of your home can become old and aged with holes and scratches in the walls and sheet rock. Which the paint is chipped or faded. Its always good to protect your walls with fresh paint and fix minor repairs in your home. This will keep the house new and maintain the value of the home.

But really the most important reason to take of your home from the interior to the exterior is so that when you come home it feels like home. Please check out Pro Plus Paint Co. We are located in the Burlington Nc area. We also serve all triad ares including Chapel hill and Durham. We make your home care remodeling dreams come true. We are the professionals in the business we also serve commercial jobs no project is to large Thank for your time Todd Bayliff

Pro Plus Paint Company In Burlington NC

Pro Plus Paint Company


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