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5 Things You Have to Take Into Consideration Before Buying A Gun Safe

Updated on October 19, 2016

1. How valuable are the guns or items you want to protect?

The worth of your guns and other accessories is very vital in determining what kind of safe you have to buy. Add a replacement value of these items in the list you made and you will be in a good position to determine what kind of safe to buy

2. How often will you be opening your gun safe?

If you are contemplating on using your gun safe for keeping your daily concealed firearm, and/or your home defense firearm, this will narrow down the choices of what kind of gun safe you have to get. If you are only contemplating on opening your safe a few times every couple months, you will have more freedom in choosing one.

Safes located very far away from usual living areas or ones that take very long to open hardly ever get used. If you require the items in the safe on a weekly or daily basis, plan for this beforehand of time. Would you like a separate handgun safe for your home defense in your bedroom, or will your regular gun safe need to execute this function? Answering such questions will help you choose the best safe for your guns.

3. How much do you want to store in your gun safe?

First and foremost write down a list of all the guns you own. Then add also the guns that you would like to buy later to the list.

After this assessment add all mounted accessories that your guns have like rings, grips, scopes, bi-pods, fore-ends, and other any accessories to the list. Also account for any unmounted accessories such as grips, bipods, grips, spare magazines, and any other items you have that you would also like to put into your gun safe.

If you also have to store any other valuables in it, decide this before buying a safe and have them on your list. If you have to put these assets in a separate fire safe in your gun safe, this will obviously take more room.

If you own a long barrel precision weapon, varmints, or bench rest firearms, ensure that your safe will accommodate them.

4. Gun Safe Price Budget

You have first of all to identify the amount you are ready to set aside for your gun safe. This will be helpful in choosing the right gun safe for your custom needs.

There can be a lot of unrealistic anticipations about the cost of protecting your guns. It is true that gun safes can be costly and not as funny as several other things you can purchase. However, at current prices, It is not difficult to buy a $10,000 collection of guns as well as the optics and accessories. It is outrageous that a gun safe to store $10,000 worth of guns would go for at least $1,500? Would you risk your $10,000 cash in the corner of your house or closet or under the bed in a plastic case?

This brings about a very essential question which is not discussed much: How much do you need to secure your gun.

5. Interior Dimensions

Nearly all gun safe manufacturers advertise their safes external and internal dimensions. Once you have installed it these dimensions become meaningless. What is essential to you when it comes to using the gun safe is its internal storage ability.

The better a gun safe in fire protection, the thicker the walls have to be, which will reduce the interior storing space. ensure that you look at the internal size when comparing the available gun safes.


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