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5 tips for securing your home security system from hackers

Updated on August 20, 2016

Normally, people mostly thinks that with home security systems, they no need to worry about thieves or burglaries. Nevertheless, the fact is that your home security system can be easily hacked by burglaries. As said by experts, it’s not difficult for a burglar to hack into your home security system, deactivating the alarm, and entering your house afterward. This article will give you some simple tricks that help prevent burglaries from hacking your home security system.

Image by amazonaws

# Tip 1: You need to secure your router

According to what experts said, if you use a WiFi network for your home security system, it’s important for you to always maintain it protected with a password. It’s not a good idea to use your phone numbers or your birthday as your password.

# Tip 2: You should have a strong password.

It holds true that burglaries can break into your house with a little of effort if you don’t have a strong password for your home security system. It is advised that the first thing you need to do when installing a home security system is to change the default password. It’s a need for you to wisely select your password that is difficult to guess. You also need to ensure that your password is a combination of numbers, letters, and symbols.

# Tip 3: You need to install antivirus software.

It’s possible for you to install antivirus software on computers which access your home security system. With antivirus software and firewalls, you are able to detect any threat of malware as well as viruses.

# Tip 4: It’s a need for you to install a system which has encrypted signals.

It is advised that when selecting a wireless home security system, you should choose a system with encrypted signals. As said by experts, a system with unsecured encryptions can be easily accessed by external sources. It’s also possible for you to opt for additional tamper resistance features.

# Tip 5: You should avoid using public WiFi

Pursuant to what experts said, when accessing your home security system from a remote location, you should make use of a secure network. It holds true that using a public WiFi network can lead to the increased possibility that your home security system will be hacked easily. This is because of the reason that hackers can use public WiFi networks to access personal information, for instance, email IDs and passwords.


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