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5 uses for Denture Cleanser Tablets

Updated on February 16, 2012

Denture Cleanser Tablets

Cleaning with Denture Cleanser Tablets

Even if you do not use dentures, there are a lot of uses for the cleanser tablets of them. I will talk to you about five different and unique cleaning applications for denture cleanser tablets. In a couple different areas of the house as well.

Cleaning the toilet

Ever have hard to clean stains in your toilet? Well, the good news is that you can use denture cleanser tablets in the tank or in the bowl to remove tough stains. If the stains are very bad, add a couple extra tablets.

Clean the coffee machine

To clean the percolator on a coffee machine put a few denture cleanser tablets in and let it set for a bit. Then run the coffee machine to clean the lines out. After running the cleaning water through it, make sure to run a few cycles of nothing but water through it to clean it out. There you have it, nothing complex but an easy way to clean the coffee machine without having to use smelly vinegar and make the house smell.

Clean the baby bottles

Ever get baby toys that the milk hardens a little or have a slightly off smell? Or baby toys that get food on them? Well, fill the sink with some water and put the toys and bottles in the water. Drop a few tablets of denture cleanser in and let it soak for awhile. Not only will the food and hardening milk or formula come free, but the smell will be gone and replaced with a slightly minty smell. And easy way to clean baby goods without having to throw anything away.

Clogged drains go away

No drain cleaner, but your drain just clogged up? Reach for denture cleanser, drop a couple of tablets down the drain and put some vinegar down the drain behind them. Let this set for about 30 minutes and then put warm water down the drain. This should loosen your average clog up and work it out. Give it a try.

Mineral stained pots and pans

Is there a mineral deposit line on your pots and pans from boiling water? Well if so, fill the pot up with water and drop a couple of denture cleanser tablets in and let it sit. With very little time the tablets will remove the mineral deposits on your pots and pans. Looking great and with this easy clean method to clean your pots and pans - make all the pasta you want.

5 easy uses for Denture Cleanser

And there are five unique uses for easy cleaning with denture cleanser tablets. No fuss and no worries. Try them the next time you have one of these problems, even if you do not have dentures buy some tablets and give these a whirl. Easier than using your elbow grease. Good luck and let us know how these cleaning tips work for you.


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    • CJ Andrews profile image

      Chris Andrews 6 years ago from Norwalk, Ohio

      I suggest trying them, but I wrote the article too. Hope you do try them some time.

    • Joy56 profile image

      Joy56 6 years ago

      wow i must get hold of some of those, they sound invaluable.

    • CJ Andrews profile image

      Chris Andrews 6 years ago from Norwalk, Ohio

      And the nice clean mint smell! I would have to wonder what someone was eating if their toilet always smelled like mint ... :) j/k'ing

    • profile image

      Joyce 6 years ago

      Probably safer than Draino and toilet cleaner. Just a thought.

    • CJ Andrews profile image

      Chris Andrews 6 years ago from Norwalk, Ohio

      I would have to look into it. I know it is cheaper for cleaning the coffee maker, I think it is cheaper than draino, and I think it is cheaper than a toilet cleaner as well.

      Three tablets from that amazon link comes out to 13.2¢ - not sure if that helps or not.

    • WillStarr profile image

      WillStarr 6 years ago from Phoenix, Arizona

      Is this cheaper than other methods or just an alternative?