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5 ways for a creative (and cheap) interior decoration

Updated on June 22, 2016

Textiles with geometrical print

Nothing makes an interior more dynamic as geometrical shapes. They’ve been newly re-discovered by designers who suggest interesting interpretations in form of geometrical design prints on textiles and accessories. We can find them in popular brands’ collections (Ikea, Sears, H&M Home). To raise the attractiveness of an interior all it takes it one such accent, for example in form of a carpet with a bold design. Geometry is an universal theme that will work great in any type of stylization. For lovers of tradition we suggest black and white, classic motifs on curtains and pillows. Seekers of new design solutions can experiment with colours. Price of decoration.

Industrial lamp

One would think that industrial lamps are reserved only for modern interior decoration. Nothing’s farther from the truth! With help of such interesting accessory, even a classic space will gain a unique character. A traditional dining room interior illuminated with raw light will become more interesting and expressive. Designer, raw lamp will work great with any kind of stylization, and so if you wish to “break” the clear-cut personality of your living room, bedroom and any other room design, choose a lamp in an intriguing and modern form.

Golden vase (and a bouquet of fresh flowers!)

You don’t feel like browsing shops in search of inspiration and would prefer to create something by yourself? No problem! Grab some decoration tape, spray paints and jars in interesting shapes. Get carried away by your imagination and create an accessory that will freshen up your stylization! Golden vases placed on a windowsill or a table are a very charming accent within a space. Don’t forget to fill them up with freshly cut flowers or, optionally, some tall candles.

Books are the best investment.... and decoration of your living room!

Teachers had always been saying that books are the best investment into the development of the humankind. They were quite right, but they forgot that books are also an interesting way to decorate our apartment! Exhibit your collection of literature by placing it on the shelves, racks and even… by arranging them into creative coffee tables! Piles of books on the floor doesn’t have to be a sign of disorganization!

  1. Typography on the wall

Everyone knows that a wall graphic can do wonders- thanks to paintings, posters or photographs hung on the wall the whole interior design gains dynamism, colour and becomes personalized. Anything can be placed on a wall! Maps in clip frames, movie posters, vintage advertisement posters or even a typography will look great. The price of such decoration is very low and with it’s help every boring interior will become more cozy.


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