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50 Ways to decorate your House for under $50

Updated on October 8, 2012

Instead of spending so much money to redecorate your home why not save money by renovating your home with these helpful tips that cost 50 dollars or less:)

House cleaning and organization

How to decorate a small space

Using Color, Texture, and style

Home decorating can be a fun task that can let you have the freedom of expressing yourself through your home in any way you want. Here are 50 ideas on how you can decorate your home for under 50 dollars.

1. The next time you are planning a party or a fun family dinner gathering why not dress your everyday dishes by adding pieces of another color or pattern from your collection. You can visit this website to gain inspiration:) and to learn more about John Loecke and his design partner Jason Oliver Nixon at their website: You can also visit their blog to read more about their inspirations:

2. Have you ever felt some part of your house small or tiny? Well there is no worrying now! Why not group mirrors on a wall to make a tiny room look and feel bigger. You can buy self-adhesive mirror tiles. You can buy the self adhesive mirror tiles in these two websites:

3. Rearrange things. Instead of a big seating area with the sofa agaisnt the wall, break up the room into two cozy sections. Website:

4. Forgo store-bought flowers and compose your own arrangements, using branches with berries, leaves, stones and other natural gifts from your backyard.

5. Look around your house for an unused piece of fabric(like a big bold floral print) or a geometric quilt. Hang it on a dowel and mount it behind a bed to make an instant headboard. This creation was taken from Kim Myles, HGTV's Myles of Style. You can visit her website at: also you can read her blog to find out more about her and what she is up to at: and more about her television show at:

6. Tuck unexpected things in surprise places- like a ceramic animal under a table or a lush green plant on a small stool. Visit this website to get an idea on what you want: You can also visit Celerie Kemble's website at to check out more cool designs by this great interior designer.

7. For an easy bathroom update, buy two shower curtains and change it with the seasons. Try a sunny color in spring and a subdued hue in fall.

8. I did not know this before but i found out that every room in your house needs animal magnetism. You can add a zebra-print pillow or a cool awesome leopard-fabric-covered box. Website: or you can also visit the stores website at:

9. Put together all the candlesticks you have- it doesn't matter if they match- and group them all together as a center piece on a table. Visit Donnie Brown's website at:

10. Make art from famuily mementos or souvenirs from a favorite trip. Frame a collage of postcards, stamps or your kids artwork. You can buy these box frames at: they only cost $2.99 at West

11. Paint the ceiling of a room a pale shade of blue to create height and bring the sky indoors. You can buy a Flat Finish at Mythic for $45 a gallon at

12. Another way your house can look beautiful is if you line your room with books to add depth, color and visual textures. A stack of books can make a really interesting and useful side table. By Thom Filicia from Style Network's Dress My Nest.

13. Get more mileage out of your bedding stes. Mix colorful sheets with contrasting cases, or stripes with a bold floral print. Idea by: Cat Wei from DIY Network's Material Girls.

14. Jazz up your plain bookcase by hanging small framed pictures or photos on the front of shelves. It is also best if you keep the frames close in size and tone so that the pictures have a similar visual weight. Idea by: Mitchell Gold and Williams, visit their website at

15. Put away a couple of shelves in a closet to tuck away seasonal room accents- the same way seasonal room accents-the same way you would do for your wardrobe. When summer comes, it is easy to make a new look from your own collection.

16. Take a fancy chandelier out onto the front porch for an unexpected sparkle. Buy the Kristaller for $40 dollars at

17. Use hanging lamps over small bedside tables to clear up space for necessities like a clock, reading material or an ipod dock. Buy an Eden light for $49.95 at

18. For a really fresh effect anytime, gather all your decorative items-vases,collectibles, pillows-into one table. Then put them in a different way throught the house.

19. Why not bring a favorite piece of outdoor furniture indoors. Like Urns topped with a piece of glass, for example, make awesome accent tables. Buy a Lemon vine ceramic urn for $40 at

20. Cover a kitchen cupboard door with chalkboard paint. Then write your daily to- do list on it. Buy the Chalkboard tint base, Rustoleum for $11 at Home Depot stores.

21. Paint an old favorite like a wooden chest in your favorite color. Then you can match it with something you love from the closet, such as a cashmere sweater. Use a high gloss paint to give it an extra shine. Buy a High gloss, Behr for $28 a gallon at Idea by Nate Berkus from the Nate Berkus Associates.

22. Buy a big, beautiful tray for your bathroom counter, and display your everyday bathroom essentials along with a pretty scented candle and soaps to make it look extra nice. Idea by: Benjamin Dhong from Benjamin Dhong Interior design.

23. Replace the bulbs in your dining roon fixture with amber-tinted ones. They give off a soft, flattering glow that mimics candlelight. You can buy Amber bulbs which only cost $2 each at This idea is by: Wanda Colon from HGTV's 24 hour Design.

24. In place of a traditional common television stand, you can use a modern bench, a large side table or an old chest. Buy a Molger bench for $40 at

25. Ever thought or wished to find a way to liven up your wall without having to hang pictures? Well why not try a playful wall decal. Buy a Butch decal for $35 at Idea by Sara Story from Sara Story Designs.

26. Here is a really creative and neat idea that I bet no one has thought of doing before. Decoupage a small wall with the pages of last botanical or art calendar. Or put a dozen or so pages in matching frames and assemble themn close together. Buy a Modge Podge for $4 at

27. Decorate the inside of your fireplace during the warm summer months with bundles of birch branches, dried herbs or a collection of pillar candles. Buy Oceans candles for $1 at

28. Make a cozy spot with a homemade room divider. Place two matching bookcases back to back in the middle of the room or extending out from a wall. Fill it with books and decorative objects to make it look more beautiful and inviting. Buy Flarke bookcase for $20 at

29. Make your sofa more cheerful and colorful by covering it with a bold patterned shawl or throw blanket. Buy a Throw blanket for $49.99 at Idea by: Sara Bengur from Sara Bengur Interiors.

30. Dress up a plain mirror in the bathroom or bedroom whichever place you like by mounting it in a stylish frame. Buy Frames for $46 for 22" x28" at

31. Baskets or bright platic pails filled with accessories or craft supplies look great on the wall of a kitchen or kid's room. Buy Buckets for $28 at

32. Want some sunshine into your room? why not place an orange or lemon tree in the corner of any room for an instant sunshiny feel. Buy an Improved Meyer lemon plant for $26 at Idea by: Christina Murphy from Christina Murphy Interiors.

33. This sound like if you were making a mess but once you do it it actually looks nice. Put a couple of oversize pillows on the floor around the coffee table or lean agaisnt the wall. They're great for extra seating. Idea by: Tracy Hutson from Tracy Hutson Designs.

34. Add walpaper to your ceiling, closet walls or inside a cabinet with a print you've always loved but were afraid to use. Buy Orissa orange for $44 a roll Mizoran red costs $49 a roll at

35. For a dramatic effect in a small room, paint your walls horizontally with 12" to 15" wide stripes. Buy Pure Performance Pittsburgh Paint for $18 a gallon at

36. Get rid of that old plain boring tablecloth and change it to a tablecloth in a bold pattern can be pick-me-up for any dining room. Make sure to check out thrift shops and garage sales for cool vintage prints. Buy a groovy dragonfly for $32/55" x 55" at

37. Pull apart a bouquet of flowers and place single blossoms in bud vases, tiny galsses or spice jars; display one in every room in the house. Don't forget the bathrooms also. Buy Curve vases for $3 at

38. Pick a pretty table lamp for the kitchen counter. It looks much more flattering than overhead lighting, and it makes the roo more like a living room space. Buy a Lotus leaf celadon lamp for $49.99 at

39. Buy brass nail heads online or at the hardware store and tack onto a plain ottoman or side chair for a decorative effect. Buy Antique brass upholstory tacks for $3/25 at

40. Paint the front edges of your bookshelves in a fun color to make them pop agaisnt the wall. Buy Wall and trim for $28/gallon at

41. Line desk or night or night table drawers with leftover wallpaper. Idea by: Holly Becker from

42. Remove all the picture hanging above your mantel and lean them agaisnt the wall for a more contemporary look. Add a framed sketch or a photo to the mix. Idea by: Mary McDonald from Mary McDonald Inc.

43. Paint the insides of plain white or black paper lamp shades a metallic silver or gold. At night the room will glimmer. Buy Brilliant Metals, Valspar, for $18/quart at

44. Bored of the same old glass florist vases? Paint the insides the same color as your wall or in a contrasting shade. Buy a Square vase for $3 at Idea by: John Gidding from HGTV's Designed To Sell.

45. Make a custom runner for your hallway. Put together cotton throe rugs in a coordinating patterns and colors, and connect the seams on the back with a heavy-duty industrial tape. Buy a Cabo for $20/2" x 3" at

46. Acrylic floating shelves make any collection of things look high-end. Buy a Sheer acrylic shelf, Umbra, from $30 at

47. Grow a garden in your kitchen window. Look to your recipes for your favorite herbs, and plant in pretty terra-cotta pots. Buy a Glazed flowerpot, Norcal for $7 at Idea by: Ashley Whittaker from Ashley Whittaker Designs.

48. Give your hall closet a mini makeover. Remove the rod, apply a fresh coat of paint and hang elegant hooks on the wall. Buy Hooks for $10 at

49. Did you know that everyday items can be reborn as unexpected artwork? Hang groups of objects that do not need frames, such as your plates or porcelein pot lids, directly on the wall. Buy Natural Eva dinnerware, Gibson for $25/ 20-piece set at

50. If you have matching lamps on either side of your sofa or bed, you can split them up and use them in different places to keep a room from looking too coordinated. Idea by Eddie Ross from

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