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How to Decorate a 50's Rock-n-Roll Bedroom

Updated on November 10, 2017
Scott's 50's Bedroom
Scott's 50's Bedroom | Source

This is How We Decorated a Vintage 50's Rock 'n Roll Bedroom

When we decorated this room a few years ago, Scott (my grandson) was only 16 years old. He loved 50's style music and anything in the vintage 50's theme, and wanted his room to represent the things he loved most.

Music is his first love, and he plays the guitar. He's a big fan of Elvis, Buddy Holly, other singers in that era, and of course, Marilyn Monroe! He loves to collect antique items and already had quite a few things to use for decorating. He also loves the older model the 57 Chevy. So, basically, we just put all of these things together to make a room he would love!

Include your favorite things. There are no set rules for how you should decorate your room. Everyone has their favorite singers, famous people, and automobiles from that era, and these could all be included in your decorations in some way.

This page is specifically for the lovers of the vintage 50's era, but you can adapt these ideas for any music era.

Keep reading to see how we put it all together. I've included a few pictures, too. Maybe this will help you to get your own ideas of how to make your personal 50's rock 'n roll themed bedroom!

Note: All photographs on this page belong to the author.

music note clock
music note clock

Starting with the paint...

I helped my daughter re-do Scott's (my 16 year old grandson) bedroom into a 50's rock 'n roll style room.

We started by painting the room a 50's shade of turquoise blue. You know that blue that a 57 Chevy was painted? We used BEHR paint (which is the best, in my opinion) in the color Sweet Rhapsody. This was as close as we could get to the shade we wanted. We used Candlelight Ivory on the window facings and baseboards.

They live out in the country, and this is an upstairs bedroom, with not a chance of anyone seeing in. So, being a guy, Scottie didn't want any type of curtains or covering for the windows. Plus, he wanted to be able to show off these beautiful old window facings.This photo shows the colors we used. The blue color looks differently on different photos, but I think this one shows the closest to the true color that the paint is.

Scott loves this Musical Clef Wall Clock that someone gave him.

Rock & Roll Bedding

The bedding is always an important part of your room decorations. You might decorate differently if the room is for a boy or girl. Girls might like Elvis bedding and boys might want to stick with something solid color or that has music notes an/or guitars. We used a black and gray comforter and white sheets. This cool rock & roll themed bedding set you see here would look awesome in a gal's or guy's bedroom.

Rock and Roll Teen's Best Seller Reversible Comforter (FULL / QUEEN)
Rock and Roll Teen's Best Seller Reversible Comforter (FULL / QUEEN)

The set includes a reversible comforter, shams, bed skirt, sheet set, and toss pillow. A best seller, and free shipping.


Add Posters to Make Your Room Rock!

Elvis Poster
Elvis Poster

Things We Used to Decorate the Walls

Posters and Tin Signs: We added posters and tin signs we purchased from, along with memorabilia he already owned, to decorate the walls. His favorite is the Elvis poster you see here. He also has the famous Marilyn Monroe, skirt blowing, poster! We decided to frame the posters, but you could also hang them without framing. We bought the frames at a local craft store. He also has several tin signs of 50's cars in one area.

Framed Album Covers: I had several old vinyl Elvis albums, and we framed the covers to make an interesting wall display. We used Record Album Cover Frames. You can also frame the record itself, but we chose to do the covers instead.

Decorate with a Memorabila Display

Memorabilia Display
Memorabilia Display

Show Off Your Vintage Collectibles

Scott loves old stuff! He sometimes says that he was born in the wrong era. He loves the 50's music and anything to do with that time. He has a collection of old soft drink bottles and he wanted to display those.

You can find "old stuff" in antique malls, consignment shops, yard sales, eBay, or grandma's attic. The 100 year old farmhouse where my daughter lives has a barn with lots of things that they have used for decorating their house! He found these drink bottles in that barn. The art is a framed poster.

Rock 'n Roll with a Vintage Mic!

Vintage Mic
Vintage Mic

Show off Your Collectibles in Room Displays

Vintage Mic Display: Scott has loved 50's music for years and now (at age 20) has his own rockabilly band! He has several vintage mics and he sometimes uses one for the band. It's hard to find a vintage mic that actually works, but he does have this one, shown here. He has others that are only for display in his room. Anyone with a love of the music in that era, would have an appreciation for these old mics. You can buy mics that have the old look, but there's nothing like the real thing. :)

Guitar Display: He also has a few old guitars on display in his room. He found these in pawn shops and music stores. He also has an old radio that actually works, a record player, and a few other music related items that round out his vintage room.

50's Decorating Idea

Vintage Mic
Vintage Mic

Five Decorating Basics - For Any Music Era...

  1. Paint

    Start by painting your room if it needs it, or if you want to change the color. We used a turquoise blue, since it is a popular 50's color.

  2. Bedding

    The bedding is a simple way to add a theme to your room. We used black and gray solid, since this room is for a guy and this is what he wanted. You can get bedding with other specific themes such as: musical notes, rock 'n roll, Elvis, and more.

  3. Pictures, Posters, Stand-Ups, Wall Decals

    We used posters of famous singers and stars of the 50's for Scott's room. We also added tin signs of the fast cars of the day. Posters and tin signs are one of the most inexpensive way to decorate your walls. They are available in almost any subject or person you can imagine. If you (or your grandparents) have any records or album covers from the era, you can also frame those to display on your walls. Stand-Ups and Giant Wall Decals are also popular ideas for decorating.

  4. Memorabilia Display

    Make a display on a table, the top of a chest or dresser, or in a curio cabinet. Include items that you already own, find on eBay, in antique stores, or yard sales. eBay is a great place to find unusal items for your room.

  5. Collections

    We used Scott's guitar and vintage mic collections as part of his room decorations. You can use any collection you or your child has of favorite things from that era.

Memorabilia Display - Antique Radio and Mandolin

Memorabilia Display
Memorabilia Display

Scottie recently added a new item to display in his bedroom. It's a 1937 Philco Radio! It runs off of a battery. Not really a 50's item, but it's musical. :) Next to it is his great-grandfather's mandolin. He used to play guitar in a band himself, so maybe this is where Scottie inherited his talent. The mandolin is a very special item.

Rock This Town! - cover by Jenny & the B-Side Rockers

Scott now has his own rockabilly band and they have been having lots of gigs lately! I'm so proud of him! I was able to attend an appearance at a local cafe and took this video with my camera. It's not the best quality video, but it's one of my favorite songs, and I'd like to share it with you. Scott is singing this one.

Thanks for your visit!

I hope these 50's decorating ideas have helped you. I'd love to hear from you and about how your room turns out. Please share any ideas you have for decorating. Or, just leave a hello note in the guestbook below. Have a great day! :)

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      Merry Citarella 3 years ago from Oregon's Southern Coast

      Cute lens and fun ideas!

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      What a fun idea. It's surely something a person would remember whether it is for family or visitors.