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6 Common Types of Bricks for Home Construction Projects

Updated on January 14, 2013

Bricks for construction are wide-ranging and available in many sizes, colors, and strengths. If able to appreciate the different characteristics and properties of bricks it will make it a far-sight easier to choice the most appropriate type for the application at hand.

Here are some of the most common bricks available for a range of DIY construction projects:

Standard Brick:

A standard in the construction industry, the common brick is versatile in use and appropriate for most construction applications. Even thought it is a type of brick that is usable in most situations, they shouldn't be seen as the first choice in all applications. Color is generally a standard shade which can't be changed and their makeup means they aren't desirable for build projects below ground level.

Engineering Brick:

Often referred to as the toughest of the available bricks on the market, the engineering bricks have to endure various processes throughout the construction to give the dependable makeup. A brick which is designed to be a low-water absorption brick, meaning it is perfect for use in damp climates and in outside applications. They might also feature as a damp proofing course.

Reclaimed Brick:

A reclaimed brick is essentially a used brick that has been gathered from a prior build project and cleaned of mortar. A brick of this type is often used on a building project if wishing to create a degree of character and charm. In view of the stages involved with collecting and cleaning these bricks, they are often quite expensive to buy.

Facing Bricks:

It is likely to be the case that the bricks most noticed when viewing a property are known as the facing bricks. To give durability and strength, they are hard burned, which gives the bricks the ability to withstand the constantly changing weather and temperature conditions. Facing bricks are available in several different categories so its important to research the market to make sure the right type for a specific application is purchased.

Concrete Blocks:

Beyond the standard construction and house bricks it is also possible to locate a range of concrete blocks which are perfect to use for related purposes. A block of this type is quick to shape as required and can be rendered or painted. It is quite easy to give these blocks an appearance which is similar in looks to natural stone.

As there isn't one brick to fit all purposes, it is generally best to choose the most appropriate brick type for the intended construction project. The easiest way to establish the right type of brick for a DIY project is to talk to an employee at a local construction merchant.


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    • Armchair Builder profile image

      Michael Luckado 

      6 years ago from Hawaii

      Nice post. Brick is one of my favorite products as it stands the test of time for style. Stone comes and goes...brick will always be popular.


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