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6 Home Improvements You've Never Thought of Making

Updated on April 6, 2016

Making improvements to your home is something that each homeowner has to contemplate. It’s not as easy as see something that needs to be fixed or upgraded. You can have to think about the long term effects each project will have, and if it’s worth your time and money.

You have to ask yourself several questions before you even think about moving forward with an upgrade. These questions include:

  • Will this help improve the value of my home?

  • Will it be appealing to homebuyers if I ever put my house on the market?

  • Is it something that will go out of style soon?

  • Is the return worth my time and money?

Some projects are a must. You can get past upgrading and improving certain features of your home, especially if you have an older home. But, when there are certain improvements you can make to your home that, though they may be minor, can have a lasting positive impact on your home.

Here are the home improvements and additions you’re overlooking, but shouldn’t be.

Gutter Protection

Something that is so simple, yet consistently overlooked by homeowners. Clean gutters can do wonders for a homeowner. Unclean and clogged gutters can cause some serious issues.

Unclean gutters can cause damage to your home. Wood and roof damage can happen over time as the debris and water build up from a clogged gutter. In heavy rainfall areas, water can continually overflow going down the side of the house. The water can consistently run down to the foundation of your home causing damage that can cost homeowners big time. Also, why pay for having your gutters clean when you can protect them in the first place?

Gutter protection is a simple improvement to your home that can protect it any many ways. It can also ultimately save you money.

Insulating Your Home

Your home is already insulated, but is it insulated properly? That is the major question. This is especially an important questions for older homes.

The wrong insulation means high energy costs as a homeowner. Depending on the type of climate that you live in, this can be a serious issue year round. Proper insulation needs to be installed in your home so it stays heated and cooled. You’re most likely going to need to a professional to inspect and install your new insulation. But, over time it will definitely be worth it.

House Insulation

Heating Your Home

Heating your home can be tricky. If done certain ways, it can also be expensive. That is why you should be considering a stove. You can choose from a wide range of insert stoves that will help heat your home for a lower cost than traditional heating.

There are several benefits to having a wood burning or other type of stove in your home. For one, it is aesthetically pleasing and can help add some value to your home. It is a great way to help lower your utility costs during the winter as well. Stoves are also a safer alternative than an open flame source of heat.

As a specialist from Toss Bryan Stoves states, "There are several benefits to adding an insert stove to your home. So much so, that you should definitely consider it as an option. It is a shame that it is often overlooked by homeowners."

How Wood Burning Stoves Work

Extra Storage

This is an improvement that can do many things for your home, especially help improve the value. Homebuyers are interested in the kitchen, the bedrooms and the storage.

Adding more storage to your home is a major plus. Not only will it help you keep your home more organized and clean, but it will be a major plus for when you put your home on the market. It doesn’t matter how much storage a home as, we always need more! There are usually opportunities for a homeowner to add more storage to their home, but they never take advantage. The best part, it’s usually something you can do on your own.

If you have a cluttered home or an empty space not being used, consider adding more storage to your home. It will be very beneficial for you and when you choose to sell your home.

Improve the Lighting

We get used to our homes and don’t think twice about certain characteristics. One of the components that become accustomed to is the lighting.

No one wants to live in a dungeon. That’s how it feels in certain homes because the lighting is not that great. Improving the lighting can give an entirely different look and feel to your home at a low cost. This simple change can give new life to your home.


Yeah, that's right, paint. I don’t understand why more homeowners don’t do a simple upgrade to their home and paint.

We can get a little lazy and just accept the colors in our home. Or, we just overlook the fact that they can be downright, well, ugly.

Your home might be in need of a facelift, and painting can do the trick. I understand, picking a color is not that easy. Certain colors go with certain types of furnitures and specific environments, it takes a lot of thought. This tool from helps you find the paint color for you and see it online before you make it happen.

What Would You Suggest?

Which Upgrade Would You Suggest to Help Improve a Home?

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Are there other home improvements that are not on this list? Suggest them here.

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