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6 Low Maintenance Plants for Easy Gardening

Updated on December 22, 2016

Gardening is an activity too often stigmatised as time-consuming and complicated. While there are plants that need knowledge and skill to be taken care of, it’s not always the case. There are a range of low maintenance plants that still make your home beautiful without needing much attention. With people’s schedules getting busier, these types of plants are gaining in popularity and the list of favourites continues to grow.

Beautiful Low Maintenance Plants for Your Garden

The new trend of low maintenance garden plants is an imminent result of factors based on the change of times. As the world increasingly became more modern, free time for activities and hobbies such as home maintenance reduced. With the rise of buildings and concrete living, the need to reconnect with the beauty of nature seems to have returned.

Low maintenance gardening is a breath of fresh air for many, as it combines the need for refreshing aesthetics and practicality. Here are some suggestions to begin your own garden:

1.) Camellia

It’s a plant with beautiful flowers in either white, red or pink and shiny leaves that grows well without much maintenance. To get the best out of it, use fertiliser to help its growth. Fertiliser can also help avoid the phenomenon, “Bud Balling,” when the bud doesn’t bloom. Camellia’s can be planted across Australia as they don’t mind a little cold and frost, and grow well in some sun. However, most prefer shade so best to keep them sheltered from midday heat and dry winds. They also like free draining soil with a light level of acidity.

One variety, called the Sasanqua Camellia, drops petals every day which some see as a nuisance, however you can view it as a unique wonder, adding an unusual yet lovely characteristic to your garden. One more interesting fact about this plant is that it blooms from mid-autumn to winter, adding bright, vibrant colour to the bleakest season.

2.) Bird of Paradise

Also known as Strelitzia, this is colourful specie, with exotic looks and is an interesting piece to add to any garden. It comes in blue, dark blue, white, and orange. Surprisingly, Strelitzia’s are classified as low maintenance garden plants, needing only to be planted in soil that freely drains with lots of sun. The amount of water isn’t a concern except when it doesn’t drain which slowly kills the plant. To make sure they bloom well, give them fertiliser in spring and autumn. If all goes well, they might even bloom in winter. After blooming, trim the flowers off to encourage more to blossom from the plant. That gives you an excellent reason to fill up that vase!

3.) Crepe Myrtle

This actually isn’t a plant but a tree. It deserves a spot on the list because of its low requirements for care and it still looks gorgeous. If you don’t have room for one, you can opt for a dwarfed version. Because of its rounded shape, it looks great whether in its original height or a shrub lining your fence. With its flowers in their pink, white and pale purple shades, the crepe myrtle creates a very romantic effect. This tree loves the sun, good draining soil and can handle light to medium frost. Don’t prune these trees often as it hinders the natural development of their vase-like shape as it grows most beautifully on its own. Take good care of the roots and the trunk because any damage to these might promote the growth of suckers, parasitic plants that suck the nutrients from the tree. As part of a low maintenance garden collection, Crepe Myrtle’s an absolute must-have.

4.) Star Jasmine

This crawler has glossy, green leaves and fragrant white flowers that look similar to those of the summer Jasmine plant, but it does not belong to the same species. That’s good news because it means it won’t choke neighbouring plants like Jasmine can. It’s often used to cover fences, walls and the ground, however it can also serve as an indoor plant grown in containers. Plant them in rich, free-drained soil for best results but they’re not picky when it comes to soil quality. They’ll need regular watering in the beginning but won’t need much attention to no attention at all as it matures. It doesn’t matter whether you place it in an area with full sun or shade. But keep in mind that it doesn’t like extreme cold. Truly an ideal option among low maintenance garden plants.

5.) Japanese Sacred Bamboo or Heavenly Bamboo

Despite its name, this is actually a broadleaved shrub but grows similarly to bamboo. It prefers to be planted in full sun yet can tolerate partial shade. Native to Japan, it’s a standout, especially among the low maintenance garden plants, with orange- or red-coloured foliage and pinkish white flowers that bloom in spring replaced later by red berries. Planting it in full shade doesn’t necessarily kill it but the colour isn’t the same vivid, bright shade. They can grow as tall as 2.5 metres but if you prefer it shorter, it’s easy to prune by removing older branches at ground level. Keep pruning only up to 1/3 of the foliage. Done properly, it can encourage thicker foliage growth.

6.) Agave or Century Plant

Want another striking, green eye-catcher? Its swordlike leaves are displayed proudly either in a natural fan arrangement or seemingly pierced on a base. For dramatic but low maintenance garden plants, it’s a surprising yet welcome addition. Another great attribute is its long lifespan which means it won’t require replanting but takes years for it to flower beginning at 10 years of age. Initially, the flowers were believed to bloom only once every 100 years, hence, the name. Most die after the flowers bloom but new shoots grow where the previous stood. Agaves enjoy the full sun and well-drained soil, preferably sandy, probably because it originates from Mexico. If desired, you can grow one in a pot. Just remember to water them regularly but it can survive on infrequent watering, depending on the heat.

These days, our hectic lifestyles are filled with things to do, events to be at, people to see and places to explore. However this is no longer an excuse to leave your garden looking lifeless. These low maintenance garden plants alone are stunning pieces that can boost your garden’s look and feel without much time and effort. Add in an outdoor setting and something for a little shade, you might start wanting to hold your meetings at home.

These days, our hectic lifestyles are filled with things to do, events to be at, people to see and places to explore. However this is no longer an excuse to leave your garden looking lifeless. These low maintenance garden plants alone are stunning pieces that can boost your garden’s look and feel without much time and effort. Add in an outdoor setting and something for a little shade, you might start wanting to hold your meetings at home.


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