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Extend The Lifespan Of Your Oriental Rug With These 6 Easy Tips

Updated on November 5, 2014

How often should I clean my rug?

This is the most common question that professional rug cleaners are asked, and there is no one universal answer. But there are some principles that will help you to establish how often your unique rug should be cleaned.

Most professional rug cleaning companies will suggest rugs in high traffic areas to be cleaned annually. Rugs in households with young children and/or indoor pets should also be cleaned annually. Rugs located in areas with moderate traffic and are not exposed to pets or children need only be cleaned every two years. The location of the rug in the house also affects how often the rug should be cleaned. Entry rugs and rugs located in dining rooms need to be cleaned more often, whereas rugs that are located in an unused office will obviously not need to be cleaned as often.

What is the best way to clean my rug?

There are a number of carpet cleaning companies that will clean your rug without removing your rug from your house, using a cleaning process called hot water extraction. While this process is very convenient, it is not an effective way of cleaning your rug, and can actually reduce it's lifespan. Hot water extraction does not remove all of the soapy water from your rug which can leave a sticky residue on it, which not only attracts dirt, but can slowly dissolve the fabrics in it's foundation.

Full water immersion is the cleaning process that the leading rug cleaning professionals recommend as it provides a safe and thorough clean. Full water immersion can not be performed on site by cleaning companies and is therefore more expensive, but it does provide a superior clean.

What is the most important rug maintenance tip?

Vacuum regularly. A regular vacuuming schedule will ensure that any dust that settles on the rug is removed promptly before it settles deep down in the foundation of the rug. Dust and dirt that is impacted in the foundation of the rug will cause permanent damage to the delicate fibres of the rug. Most rug cleaning professionals will recommend property owners to vacuum their rug weekly. When vacuuming your rug ensure that you vacuum away from the centre of the rug so that the fringes are not damaged.

How should I store my rug?

If you need to store your rug for an extended period of time follow these … simple steps:

  1. Vacuum your rug.

  2. Roll your rug so that the fibres are facing in.

  3. Store your rug in a cool dry place off the floor.

Will rug cleaning remove fleas from my rug?

Not permanently. If you get your rug cleaned by a professional you will often be disappointed in a few weeks time when you find that fleas have returned to your rug.

In order to remove fleas from your rug, you will also need to have your carpet, upholstery and any other soft fabric items cleaned in your room before you can remove the fleas. If fleas are infesting your rug the best person to call is a pest exterminator who can provide specialised treatments.

How can I tell if my rug needs cleaning?

Here are four common tests that professional rug cleaners will often do to inspect the condition of a rug.

  • Fold the rug so that the foundation of the rug is exposed. On close inspection is any dirt visible? If dirt is visible then it is time to clean the rug.
  • Smell the rug. If the rug smells musty, or as is commonly expressed by carpet cleaners “old socks”, then it is time for a professional clean.
  • Lift a corner of the rug and give it a vigorous shake. If you can visibly see a dust cloud, then it is time for the rug to be cleaned.
  • Rub a clean white cloth on the rug, if dirt or grime appears on the cloth then it is time to clean the rug.


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