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6 Ways to check up on your Home Builder

Updated on May 29, 2014

The common saying, “Things aren't made the way they used to be” shouldn't apply to your home as well. When looking to contract a home builder, there a few steps that should be taken in order to ensure that you are hiring the best company for the job and that the hired company builds your home right the first time. Yes, many home repairs are unavoidable later down the line but there is no reason to have to hire the repair man two weeks after moving in, unless you did not research your builder.

Visit the NAHB’s website

The NAHB stands for National Association of Home Builders, a company that advocates the “building it right the first time” approach to all homes. The companies that are a part of this association are audited by NAHB experts and have documented quality management systems, all of which should be very important to you a home buyer. A simple browse through this website is not enough though.

Check out Government Records

Look into any lawsuits or liens that involve one of your potential home builders. This can be done by visiting your county courthouse. Also, visit your state’s government website to check if your potential home-builder is licensed, insured, and bonded. This is done differently in each state.

Look at the Good and the Bad

Run background checks covering all aspects of your potential home builder’s company. This involves searching for complaints through the Better Business Bureau, looking for reviews on impartial sites, and running a background check. Also, check the company’s financial security by asking for a reference from a bank.

Get advice from previous customers

If you are planning to buy in a housing development, drop by that development and knock on the doors of home owners and get their honest opinion. Ask about how the house is, how the building went, if the builders were on time, and check the exterior of the homes and compare it to the model home.

Talk to Everyone

Do not write off the sales pitches and housing tours as only providing information that will show the building company in a positive light. Though this is often true, listen to everything they say then ask to speak with the construction supervisor. Ask questions relating to warranty coverage, repairs, and any claims of meeting quality standards that are above the minimum code. Also ask if you can see another unit before drywall is installed in order to inspect the basic construction. Finally, ask if you will be guaranteed visits to your construction site then get any claims/promises in writing, including the name of who you spoke to.

Look into Reserve Studies

Reserve studies are produced by outside researchers and are made to show the condition of any shared property within a community. The report also explains if there are enough funds to support any repairs that are needed such as repaving. These reports are important to look at especially if you are buying into a housing development.

These are all very important areas to research when looking to contract a home builder. After all, these builder are not just building a structure, they are building a place where you will create memory after memory.


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