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6 Living Room Updates in Cost-Low Ways

Updated on September 18, 2014

Update Living Room on Limited Budget

Then the decorative items possibly used for the living rooms are often of high price. It is not wise to decorate the living room beyond our budget. We need to be wise and creative and then we can stretch the dollars further for better results. For example, we can trying some DIY, eco friendling led lighting, or just re-arrangement of the living room. Follow our decorating ideas for upgrading the living room on a budget.

Add Paints or Pillows for a Change

If you have to add some decorative items within $100, then what will you buy or how to use the dollars yet update the room? How about trying some DIY. Try some toss pillows and make use of paints. It’s possible to create a sharp change by do some decorative paining on a border at the living room. Or paint the walls a color that is in harmony with your decoration theme or goes well with other colors elsewhere. For $100, it may be hard to get a set of slip covers, but we can freshen up the living room with some throw pillows. If you can sew, try to add some patterns to the pillow.

Livening up Living Room Via Lighting

Living rooms are the place we entertain our friends and spend leisurely time. We can try the lighting key for setting a proper mood. Lighting for living rooms is sometimes tricky for we can make or break any room via the lighting. Besides, lighting is usually not a small sum of money, especially for the living room. There is no need to add too many different types of those luxurious lights in the room. Just try to add something that can create a new look or feel, such as creative matching metallic table or floor lamp or eco friendly led branch light that can work for hours without consuming too much electricity.

Lightshare 24Inch 12LED Chrysanthemum Branch Light, Warm White Light, Timer
Lightshare 24Inch 12LED Chrysanthemum Branch Light, Warm White Light, Timer

12LED lights with acrylic frosted chrysanthemum and clear beads, warm light. With silver soft branch, you can shape it as you like.


Hang Pendant Lights For Change

If you don’t choose floor or table lamps, try some pendant lights for a fresh look.
If you don’t choose floor or table lamps, try some pendant lights for a fresh look.

Stylish Division of Entry From Living Room

If the entryway at your home just opens into the living room, try to create a sense of division by adding a smooth and sleek room divider between the spaces. You can try to get a glass panel or even floral curtain for the separation. The division should be done in stylish way, without making the space limited or deprived of airy feeling.

Try Some Unique Artwork

The authentic art will surely break your budget, but why not do it by yourself. If you are artistically minded, this is the time your display your creations. If you are not, try some abstract art. Or get some picture at affordable price like this flag and it will create a focal point for the living room, instantly filling the empty wall.

Apply Framed Focus

We can add something artistic to the living room within our budget without the effort of wallpapering or painting. Just get some frames, which are always not expensive and fill up the empty yet not attractive hallway with pictures or images that we love. This can make full use of those unused space yet still add a touch of personalized art to the space.

Decorate the Windows

Window is also very important part in living room. It is about a passage for the brightness. In the daytime, the strong sunshine will be annoying. In rainy days, we need the maximum brightness. We need to add something creative, for better dimension as well as light. The proper decoration of windows can often bring a big change to living room. We can soften the living room with some drapery panels, hung one-half to one inch off the floor.

Shop Wisesly for Living Room Decorative Items

If we learn to shop wisely and creatively when we decorate the living room, we can save a lot yet bring out better effect. For interior decor lovers, lighting is always the most effective way of adding special atmosphere home. Choose the right lights for the specific needs of each room.


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