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60s chairs

Updated on May 22, 2013

From an undeniable historical importance, the chair has been, over time, a reflection of well-established socio-cultural trends and the evolution of humanity. Owner of an extremely irregular existential history, this piece of furniture has enjoyed a great noble symbolism, and was once an object whose use was reserved for higher classes.

The chairs, as well as any other piece of furniture, have followed over the decades, trends in aesthetic design created by man. The multiplicity of forms, ornaments, colors and wood used has been subject to extreme changes over time, and the 60´s the one that best illustrate this evolution.

Today we live in an age of constant homage to old patterns and shapes, retro styles are becoming more fashionable, and one of the styles that best represent this tendency is precisely the furniture of 60 years.

The chairs of the 60´s were the target of a gracious facilitation which gave them a clean, futuristic and practical design, which served as a strong source of inspiration for all that would be created in the following decades.

From the 60s, the chairs were characterized by the loss of so ornamental patterns that were common and sensible to date, going to have a more subtle and delicate, in contrast to the rough and exuberant from previous decades. Its primary purpose has also undergone minor changes and no longer be seen as a particular piece of decoration, and thus gaining an increase in its nature utility practice, where comfort has become the top priority in its construction.

The comfort and aesthetic sophistication of these chairs passed successfully the test of time and it is today one of the styles chosen primarily when the target is to form a set of pieces of furniture look modern and sophisticated. Some good examples of how these pieces continue to have a strong presence today, are the famous inflatable chairs, which offer great comfort, as well as Scandinavian-style, which are so popular and continue to be sought.

60s chairs
60s chairs


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