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7 Cool Outdoor Benches You Can Make Yourself

Updated on May 3, 2017

Who said that the benches in your garden need to be boring?  Yes, of course, they need to be functional and affordable... but most people have them boring, too.

Well, here are 7 excellent ideas for outdoor garden benches that rock. And no, they won't run you out of money. In fact you can build similar benches yourself by investing very little cash, having some fun and learning new things.

Ready to go?

1. A "city park" bench

These are benches with urban design, typically installed in the walking areas in cities or in parks. Who would think such a bench may look good in your garden? Most people don't, and believe me, they are missing a great opportunity. Just look at the bench at right - it can fit every garden! Such a bench would look especially amazing in gardens that have a lot of green grass and open areas.

While you may need to purchase the wrought steel part to a forge (unless you are good one yourself), attaching the seat is very easy. Just get a bunch of timbers, plane and finish them and attach to the steel with bolts.

(photo credit)

2. Straight boring bench

Didn't I say that the benches in your garden shouldn't be boring? Well, here's the trick. When you see this bench in the store you may think it's boring. When properly arranged in your backyard it may look plain a-m-a-z-i-n-g! Just look at the picture.

Such benches of a little steel, bolts and wooden beams (5 or 6). Here are some general diy bench directions that may help you building one of these yourself.

(photo credit)

3. Concrete bench

Concrete garden benches are quite simple to make and very affordable. The one on the picture here is a mix of concrete and wooden parts and is just slightly more complex than this diy concrete bench. And it's a real proof that stone benches can look really well.

Just have in mind one important thing: concrete benches are really hard to move so you should plan their location well prior to building.

(photo credit)

4. A bench of tree trunks

This is one of the simplest benches you can make but it so warm and lovely! And best of all, making such a bench yourself can be really free. All you need to do is to find a couple of fallen trees (do not cut live trees!).

A half wide trunk is needed for the seat, two smaller trunk pieces for the "legs", a plank and two branches should be sufficient for the back. Yes, without finishing such a bench will rot over the years but I still recommend you to leave the wood as is. The feeling such benches create is unique!

And of course when the bench get rotten and is no longer usable, you can simply walk in the forest to look for other fallen trees.

(photo credit)

5. A tree branches bench

Maybe finding fallen trees isn't that easy especially if there isn't a large forest near you. Besides that bringing the trunk to your home could be a hard task without a a truck. But everyone can go in the forest and collect some fallen tree branches and create an amazing bench like the one at right.

The entire "secret" for building such an amazing thing is to simply find or cur nearly equal trees for the legs, the sear and the back.

(photo credit)

6. A carved bench

I have to confess that this one won't be doable for everyone. It's really an art work. However I am sure everyone can do some basic but nice carving on a wooden bench. Maybe it won't be as beautiful as the one on the picture but it will have your soul input.

Such a bench can be made of few old and thick wood planks from soft wood, or it can be even make of trunks like out trunk bench. You only need to learn some basics of woodcarving.

(photo credit)

7. Round bench

These benches are most often placed in parks and public areas because they allow different groups of people to sit without interacting with each other.

But why not to have such a bench in your private garden? They look and work excellent around trees - the tree gives the shadow and wonderful smell of alive wood. These benches allow a lot if sitting places occupying very small space. Cool, isn't it?

Here is how you can make such a bench

(photo credit


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