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7 Creative Ways to Make a Thriving Butterfly Garden

Updated on March 24, 2018
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Kenna writes about the care of plants (indoors, outdoors, and in gardens). She wrote an orchid care booklet—a companion piece for workshops.


Steps to Creating a Butterfly Garden

Butterflies are considered by many as one of the most beautiful creatures in the world. With over 28,000 species identified on the planet, you may have seen one or two species in your life. If you desire to see more butterflies around your home, a butterfly garden is a simple but rewarding way to enjoy these colorful creatures.

1. Research the Type of Butterflies in Your Area

Make a list of the type of butterflies that thrive in the area you live. Research the Internet or go to your local library to create your list. Once you have your list, decide which ones you’d like to have in your garden.

Make a list of the type of butterflies that thrive in the area you live. Research the Internet or go to your local library to create your list.

2. Type of Plants Attract the Butterflies

After you have made your list of butterflies you want to attract to your garden, continue your research and discover what plants you need to attract the butterflies you picked.

Most plants are called butterfly nectar plants and butterfly host plants. Butterfly Bush is another popular plant as well.

Once you find out what type of plants the butterflies need, you need to find out what the plants look like, how much room they need to grow, are they annuals or perennials, and what do they need in order to thrive.

3. Plan Your Garden

Based on your research of the type of butterflies and the type of plants, decide how big you want your garden to be. Like placing the annuals in the front of the garden, so they are easier to replace every year.

Sketch a rough diagram of how you want to design the garden. Now, you have an idea of how many plants to purchase at the nursery.

4. Buy Your Plants

Go to the neighborhood nursery and purchase your plants. Ask the staff when is the best time to plant, how to grow the plants, and if there are any special needs. Take the plants home and prepare them for planting.

5. Plant Your Garden

Take a look at your garden design, it might have changed since visiting the nursery, start placing our plants according to your wishes on the design. Appreciate all your hard work and the help you will be offering to the colorful creatures who will come to your garden.

6. Add Accessories

Step back and admire your garden. Notice areas where you can place a couple of butterfly accessories like a butterfly house or a nectar source. The butterfly house has slits, which will protect the butterflies from birds and other elements. Nectar source offers more food for the butterflies, which will attract even more butterflies and encourage them to stay.

Be Proud of Your Butterfly Garden

Not only have you created a wonderful place to watch butterflies but you also created a safe haven for butterflies to live and breed. This will help many species to continue to survive in your neighborhood.

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    • Kenna McHugh profile image

      Kenna McHugh 10 months ago from Northern California

      I just love seeing a butterfly, don't you?