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7 Low Cost DYI Projects For The Gardener

Updated on December 10, 2012

If you love your garden like me, you are probably constantly looking at ideas about what else to add and what to improve in it. There are endless things to do. They all cost money, and some a lot of it.

Here are seven ideas that cost very little, some nearly nothing. Oh well, you may need to get your hands dirty, but that's where the fun is.

1. Bamboo Vertical Garden

Vertical gardens save space and look great. And no, you shouldn't limit yourself to growing flowers. You can very well grow herbs, lettuce, cucumbers or even pumpkins if you carefully arrange your vertical planter.

The hardest part in building such a garden is the watering and drainage system. Of course you also need to arrange the plants properly.

Vertical planters can be made of plumbing pipes but if you'd prefer more natural materials, you can try bamboo. Here's how.

Summer time it looks like this!
Summer time it looks like this! | Source

2. Straw Bale Cold Frame

Cold frames are like greenhouses but not as high and wide. As the name suggests, they are not heated either.

One of the simplest DIY cold frame projects you can do is by using straw bales and old windows. Arrange the bales in a square or rectangle and fill up to the half or less with soil. There should be soil under it too of course. On the top, simply place your old windows and voila - you have a raised bed and cold frame all in one.

Need to learn more? See here.

Just a bucket in the ground will preserve your roots.
Just a bucket in the ground will preserve your roots. | Source

3. Poor Man's Root Cellar

Want to preserve your radishes, potatoes, beets or other root vegetables in the winter? Here's a super-simple and super-cheap solution:

Dig a hole in the ground and bury a barrel or just a plastic bucket in it. Cover with lid and a straw bale. More info here. It costed the author just $3, enjoy!

And don't forget to remove the straw bale when it's hot outside so the veggies can breath.

4. Potato Tower

One of the problem with growing potatoes is that they require quite a lot of space. If you have a small garden you are probably not growing potatoes to save space.

Until now. Because potatoes can be grown in towers occupying much less space. All you need is some mesh - it could be wire mesh or simply small bamboo fence. Turn it in circle and tie it up, fill with soil or even straw, and grow your potatoes.

Here is a simple instructable to guide you further.

5. Simple DIY compost bin

Last year we bought a plastic compost bin for about $60. We were in a hurry to start composting, we didn't have any lumber around, nor time, so that's why we decided to buy it. Once in the inter I tried to open the frozen lid to trow some kitchen scrap inside. And guess what, it broke!

So instead of paying that much for expensive plastic compost bin, build one yourself. Watch the video below for a really simple and cheap DIY compost bin.

6. Super Easy Chicken Coop

Want to have fresh eggs nearly for free? Get some chicken in the garden. Of course, they need a nice little house there. Here's an easy DIY one.

Here's one!
Here's one! | Source

7. Kiddie Pool Planter

Consider this a mix of raised bed gardening, planters and container gardening. You can use all kind of kiddie pools, buckets, basins and so on to grow plants in them. You need to drill some holes and consider where to arrange the planters.

Have a look at some more pics and details here.


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