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7 Quick Easy DIY Projects for the Home

Updated on February 24, 2014

Home is where the heart is...

My decor is everything to me as it shows who I am. I love character and features and being unique in my decor. Nothing gives me more pleasure than adding my own personal touch to my home. And to make the pleasure even better I can do it on a budget!

These 7 DIY projects are easy, cheap and look fabulous. Get going with one of these over the weekend so you can admire your work and proudly say these are not on the high street!

1. DIY Sequin Pillow

This DIY project is a great way to glam up any room! You can use any color pillow or sequin trim to match the room. I love this DIY pillow with the text "hello"... however you can spell whatever you like, of course.

You’ll need:

Plain pillow case

Fabric glue

Sequin Trim


1. Start by gluing the text on your pillow

2. Finish by gently laying the sequence string on top

Be sure to glue the sequence string on really well to stop it from unraveling over time...

2. DIY Chalkboard Frame

This DIY chalkboard project makes a lovely addition to your home. You can use it to write your shopping list on or even just to display a weekly inspirational quote. Either way you can't go wrong! You can use whatever color you want so it matches the room.

You’ll need:

Ornate frame with backing board

Acrylic paint (or spray paint)

Chalkboard paint

Round brush

Flat brush, or small roller


1. Remove the backing board of the frame. Start by making sure its clean and if varnished, it will need to be sanded down.

2. Apply two coats of chalkboard paint and leave to one side.

3. Take the frame and paint with the acrylic paint with the color of your choice. Leave to dry

4. Once all is dry, insert the back board back into the frame and hang it wherever you want!

3. DIY Pallet Wall

Pallets are a great way to up-cycle. Several retailers have hundreds of leftover pallets on a daily basis and many would be glad for you to take them off their hands. Not only can you make your own unique furniture with unused pallets, you can use it to cover a small wall for a stylish dramatic effect. Who wouldn't love this?! You can keep them natural, stain them or color them. The choice is yours...

You'll Need:


Woodstain/ paint

Old Nails and liquid nails

Plywood for behind the pallet wood (optional)




1. Dissemble the pallets with the Sawzall or anything else that will let you pry the blade between the boards and pull them apart. This is the hardest part as you don’t want to break them!

2. Make sure the edges are cleaned and tidied up. If you are going to stain or color the wood now would be the time to do it. Make sure they are dry before nailing them to the wall.

3. Find out the square footage of the wall you are going to cover. You can do this by measuring the height and width and multiplying them together. This will help you make sure you have enough wood to cover the wall and allow you to cut the pallets to size with a jigsaw.

4. Next you need to find and mark all of your wall studs. If you add plywood behind the pallet, it will make it a lot easier to remove when the time comes and you won’t need to find the studs.

5. Once the plywood is on the wall, you can start hammering the pallets into the plywood.

4. DIY Light Switch Covers

This is a really easy way to jazz up a room. All you have to do is cover your light switch cover with scrapbook paper!

You'll Need:

Scrap Paper


Screw Driver

Stanley Knife

Mod Podge


1. Pick a bit of scrap paper that's large enough to cover the light switch. We went to a decorating store and found wall paper we liked and asked for a sample.

2. Place the light switch cover on top of the paper and using a pencil outline the holes and spaces where the screws and light switch goes in. Use a Stanley knife to keep tit as neat as possible.

3. Cover the light switch with mod podge and carefully place the paper over the cover and leave to dry. Once dry, you can screw the light switch back into place.

5. DIY Gold Mugs

The polka dot designs above are pretty cute, or if you have nice handwriting you could get creative with slogans or messages! For long-lasting results, choose oil-based paint sharpie markers. Regular sharpie ink can come off even after baking.

You'll Need:

Plain white mugs
Masking tape
Gold Sharpie


1. Draw on your design with your sharpie

2. Bake in the oven at 350°F for half an hour and allow to cool

6. DIY Marquee Lighted Signs

These marque signs are crazy stylish and add a lovely whimsical lighting effect to a room. You can have a heart shaped sign or even spell out a word. If you don't want the hassle of cutting out cardboard into shapes or letters then you can always buy paper mache letters from amazon.

You'll Need:

Large cardboard letters / Shape

X-acto Knife

String Lights


Paint (optional)


1. Cut a letter or shape out from cardboard and add sides and a back to create a 3D shape. This will help hide the cords.

2. Mark and measure where the bulbs are going and then cut out asterisk holes in in the front side of your letter.

3. Push the bulbs through the holes from the back and tuck in the excess cord into the shape and cover the back. Once you've got the position right and the cords hidden you can plug in and enjoy!

7. DIY French Script Lampshade

You can’t go wrong with this stunning French script lampshade! You’ve only ever seen something of this sort for a hefty price in the store and to make it must be out of the question. However, here is a really simple way to add your on french script lampshade to your home for a fraction of the price!

You'll Need:

A cheap, plain lamp shade

A fine-tip Sharpie

Print-outs of whatever you want to put on the lamp

Tea or coffee to "tea stain" the lamp after it's done (optional)


1. Find the images, designs and scripts you want to have on your lampshade. Put them into word and print them out.

2. Once all your images are printed, tape them to the inside of the shade and turn the light on. Take your fine point sharpie and carefully trace all the images.

3. Once done, you can add that antique look by mixing up a teabag with water and brushing the shade. Don't worry about the ink running as the sharpie is permanent.


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    • Ceres Schwarz profile image

      Ceres Schwarz 3 years ago

      Interesting and easy DIY projects. The French script lampshade looks cool. The image of it does look like it was professionally made and that it would be very expensive.

    • prestonandkate profile image

      Preston and Kate 3 years ago from the Midwest

      These are some great projects! I love the coffee mugs. I may have to go get myself a gold sharpie. :) -Kate