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7 Easy Steps To Create A Welcoming Guest Room

Updated on June 10, 2014

Guest Room Bedside

Expecting visitors? Don’t panic--it’s not hard to set up a guest area for out-of-town visitors, even if they must stay on the hideabed in your living room. Here are seven easy steps to making your guests feel comfortable in your home.

1. Provide the best sleeping surface you can afford. Most people find that a sofa bed or sleeper sofa gives them the best option for both an extra bed a few nights a year and comfortable seating the rest of the time. There have been many improvements in sofa beds over the past decade and now with new mattress choices and even platform surfaces, the choices are better than ever. You can get further information from us here at Sleepers In Seattle. Futons and air mattresses are less comfortable, but more economic alternatives.

2. Invest in comfortable bedding and towels. A choice of pillows is welcoming--provide both down and foam pillows if possible. Freshly ironed pillowcases are always a plus. Don’t forget extra blankets--make sure your guest knows where to find them if necessary. Have enough towels and washcloths handy. Let your visitors know where the linen closet is so that they can locate another hand towel if necessary.

3. Provide an alarm clock and a reading light. An assortment of reading materials placed near the bed is always appreciated. Don’t forget to include bus schedules, maps of your city and travel information on nearby attractions.

4. Have some drawer space available and some closet space free--with a few hangers to use. It’s always nice for a guest to be able to unpack, even partially. Space to store a suitcase out of the way is a nice touch.

5. Clear out any personal or breakable items so that your guest can move comfortably in the space. If your guestroom is also your living room, this is more difficult--but at least put away any delicate items. Clear the clutter as much as possible.

6. Let your visitors know what they can eat if hunger strikes. Show them how to use the microwave and coffee maker and where the snacks are stored.

7. Allow your visitors some privacy. Ask about their schedule--you may be an early riser, but they might be looking forward to sleeping in.

Finally--relax and enjoy your out-of-town guests. Take a day off work, pull out the camera, and do a little sightseeing together. Make it a memorable time for all!

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    • profile image

      bakedrightleft 8 years ago

      Remove breakables...wish I had thought of that before my sister in law and her small children came for Christmas..:(

    • GwennD profile image

      GwennD 8 years ago

      Thanks--I'm getting guests next month!