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7 Ways to sell your house fast

Updated on May 20, 2010
Exterior cleaned up
Exterior cleaned up
Cheap vase etc to enhance
Cheap vase etc to enhance
No clutter
No clutter

In the present economic climate trying to sell your home can be very frustrating, gone are the days when there were multiple buyers putting offers on a property. People after this world financial crash have tightened the purse strings and cut down on the luxuries they would often treat themselves to. This includes not purchasing that new home they wanted because they don’t want to increase their debt with bigger mortgages, which has resulted in fewer potential buyers. In fact this is a great time to buy – interest rates are very low and with the fewer buyers out there, people who are desperate to sell are taking low offers on their property. Being a property investor I have bought and sold in all economic conditions, and even in these present difficult times I am active – I just have to work that little harder at it.

Here are 7 ways to sell your house fast;

1. The right price

The price must be realistic and it’s not difficult to do a little research to find out what similar properties are on the market for. Get 2 or 3 appraisal from Real Estate companies and ask them what they have sold recently and what price did they get – a good Real Estate is worth their weight in gold . You have to remember there is more choice for buyers out there at present (buyers market) and if you are overpriced, you simply won’t sell. When you do sell you are then in a great position, because you then become one of the few buyers out there with funds to purchase, which puts you in a positive place – there are fewer buyers than sellers.

2. The maintenance list.

Every homeowner has a list of outstanding jobs that have not been done or completed. Go from room to room and create a list of what is required Put every effort into decorating area’s that are required (see my previous hub), fix leaks, doors and windows not closing properly, repair damaged fencing etc. Most of these jobs will cost very little and really are just a matter of your labour. No potential buyer wants to notice problems, because in their eyes they will be thinking this will cost $$$$$.

3. Clear & remove clutter

Neutralize your rooms by clearing away any personal photographs, bean bags, unnecessary furniture which will make the room look bigger and give a feel of space. Desks should be cleared of junk and just the essentials left and the same goes for countertops in the kitchen. Clear and tidy cupboards/closets making sure the remaining items are neat and tidy.

4. The big clean up.

One of the cheapest things you can do to help sell your home. You need to go from top to bottom and be very thorough, cleaning all closets/cupboards, windows in/out, hard/tiled floors, bathroom suites, all kitchen appliances – baby oil works great on stainless steel . Any carpets that are stained should be steam cleaned and always worth sprinkling some nice scented powder over all carpets. Leave bleach in toilet pans and pour a small amount down each sink after you have finished using these facilities – this will eliminate any smell from the drainage. Plug in air fresheners are a bonus. A clean house is more appealing and will appear like you have taken care of your home.

5. First impressions count.

When potential buyers arrive to view your property, the first impression they get is important. If the front of the property looks badly maintained and messy, the chances are they may not even get through the front door or if they do, they will be on a negative foot from the start. Mow all lawns and trim edges, clear all weeds from flower beds, paths and driveway. Trim edges, Power wash the drive and path, even do the exterior of the house if needed. Touch up paintwork if required.

6. Staging your home.

Try to make your home look like a show home. After removing non essential furniture, arrange remaining furniture to maximise the space you have created – remember less is more. Flowers in a vase to create colour and aroma, lamps with a nice shade will help give a soft feel. To get some ideas visit a couple of show homes and you will see the minimal amounts they put in, also simple things like the coloured scatter cushions on the sofa. A few inexpensive ornaments can give a nice feel. Take a few pictures to help you with ideas.

7. Incentive.

There are hundreds of ways to do this and something I do on a regular basis, is to offer to pay the purchasers legal fees. You need to use your imagination here, but it has to be something the purchaser needs and gets their attention.

If you had the choice of a dozen cars at the same price at the showroom, you will more than likely pick the one in the best condition – the same applies when buying a new home.

The above pictures were taken of a house I sold recently. Notice I use neutral colours, cheap ornaments and only minimal furnture.

Deal done
Deal done


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