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7 Beginners Welding Projects

Updated on January 16, 2015

In this article I will show you seven Welding projects for beginners, but don't let that stop you if you are veteran welder or fabricator because these ideas are for all levels.

Some of the ideas are actual tools that you will need in your shop. And some of the welding projects you can build an sell for a profit.

Whether you're a hobbyist or a professional, you're likely to have questions about a technique or project you haven't tried yet. You can start looking for answers here, or just browse around for project ideas like the ones below.

7 Welding Project Ideas for Beginners:

If you are considering welding as a hobby or wondering if welding would make a good career choice, consider this fun tip: You can actually make some of the equipment you will need for your shop. Shop equipment make great welding projects, and It's a good way for beginners to practice basic welding skills and, if you have some experience with welding, making your own equipment can save you some money.

Here's seven items you can build:

  • A welding table. This is a very useful addition to your welding shop. Actually, you must have a surface to weld on safely and comfortably so it's a good first project. The table can have pipe or angle iron legs with a heavy duty top welded over the top them. Some metalworkers like to reinforce the welding table with a box frame of flat iron around the bottom.

  • A hand truck. Also referred to as a 'dolly, the hand truck is an exceptional project because it's a very useful tool for transporting large pieces of equipment or finished projects. Some pipe, wheels and a metal plate are all you need. This is actually a fairly advanced project and you should do one of the simpler ones first before this one. You will need to have a tube or pipe bender, unless you know how to bend pipe using a torch and a jig.

  • A welding rod storage box. As you begin your career or hobby in welding, and you are going to begin your projects with a stick or tig welder, you are going to need to store you rods in a handy well organized box. Otherwise you'll have old and new rods laying around the shop, which is a big mess, and also dangerous. A welding rod storage box makes a convenient place to put welding rods. Find a big piece of box iron and cut it to a length that will hold the welding rods upright and you can grab them easily. Then weld it to a plate of iron wide enough to support it.

  • A tool rack. Obviously you have lots of tools, and you'll be getting more, so why not make one? It's easy to make with an angle iron and some pipe couplings. Just drill some holes in the angle iron and weld on the pipe couplings. And if you don't need one it can be fun to make and give to a friend as a gift. You might even make a few bucks selling them.

  • While a horseshoe project is a piece of welding shop equipment, a horseshoe rack is a good way to net a few compliments from visitors. If you have a few horseshoes, you can weld them together to make all kinds of cool country western themed metal work art. A simple rack for holding coats or anything else you can think of is fun and easy, and it can make a create gift. Another ideas is to make a wine rack out of them.

  • If you have an old steel drum that you've never used, why not make a Barbecue Grill out of it? Make sure the drum is clean or reconditioned and has never held pesticides or poison. Also be sure it has not been coated with any paints or coatings that can create toxic gas when using a welder or torch in it (all of this is very important so don't overlook it!). All you need to do is cut on the top, make a lid with a chimney, create ventilation, weld legs and an ash collector to the bottom, and you have a nice big barbecue. Here are more details on how to build it.

  • A bench. You can build all kinds of benches, but a garden bench is one that everyone likes and can use in their garden. It's a fun easy project that doesn't require a lot work and tools. This is a project you can build quickly, especially after you do the first one, and then you can try selling them for a nice profit! Who doesn't want a well crafted custom made garden bench?

garden art
garden art

Garden Welding Art!

One of my favorite welding ideas which are both great for home and for making money is to weld garden art, and you don't even need to be a good welder to make them.

You can make just about anything you want. You can make small animals out of steel that you buy from you local store, or you can go to a scrap yard and find steel to use. Just have an idea of what you want to make when it comes to garden art, and then go out and get the material.

Or, you don't have an idea, go to the store or scrap yard and let the ideas come to you.

If you go to a scrap yard just be sure you get the right metal, and make sure it doesn't have toxic material on it. Ask someone who works there. Also, don't start welding containers you find until you know for sure that they are empty of all fumes. Grind off any paint because lots of paint has lead in it, especially the old stuff.

More Ideas and Projects:

The easiest projects listed above for beginners would have to be the welding table (which is the perfect first project), the tool rack, and then the barbecue. The others are not quite so easy and require experience and plans but are well worth the effort.

Here's an idea for you: Why not build your own quality welding cart? There are good plans that you can find for free online or you can buy even better ones on

If you want even more ideas here's 15 welding ideas and projects to consider. These are mostly for the beginner, but included are some intermediate and advanced projects as well.

Cool Welding Ideas Are On Video:

Which Welding Project Ideas Interest You?

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      Curt Vogel 

      10 months ago

      Would like to watch build a welding table!


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