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7 party cleaning tips

Updated on January 12, 2017

Locate the party only in one or two rooms

If you reduce the party place, you will reduce the cleaning after that. If you make a list before the party, you can consider the number of the guests with the space you can fill in your home. Don’t invite too many people if you don’t have enough space. You can locate the party in the living room and in the kitchen. Restrict the access to the other rooms and after that there won’t need of cleaning them.

Use plastic plate and cups

This step can save you many problems. First of all there will be no broken cups and plates. This way you can save money and energy to clean the broken parts that could be dangerous. After that you can miss the washing. No dirty dishes – no dishwashing.

Remove the carpets and tablecloth

If there is no carpeting, you turn off the chances of stains. No more wine on the carpet, no more dessert on the tablecloth. If you take some extra time to put away all the carpets and rugs, you will save much more – nerves, time and money for cleaning the stains.

Cover the furniture

You can remove the carpeting, but what about the furniture. You don’t want dirty spots on the new sofa, do you? Cover the furniture and the problem is solved. After the party you just wash the covering and the sofa is clean and free of spots.

Start cleaning during the party

I don’t mean to start vacuuming and moping the area, but you can collect dirty dishes, remove the trash and clean the tables. Try to do it unnoticed because your guests might think you try to show them the door. The truth is that you don’t have to leave the whole cleaning after the party. It will take you much more time and strength.

If you have a garden – use it

Open air parties are always a great idea. Moreover, after the party you don’t have to clean the whole house. The garden is far easier to clean than the house. Your guest will enjoy the warm evening and you will be happy, because you will avoid one really annoying duty.

Vacuum the floor and throw away the garbage after the party

If you follow these steps after the party you just have to vacuum and mop the floor. Put the carpets and tablecloths, uncover the furniture and throw the garbage. The whole cleaning will take you less then hour. And now it is time for a break.


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