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7 Steps to Clean the House in 3 Hours

Updated on June 2, 2020

I suggest you take your smartphone and set the timer to check the time.

1 Put each room in order

The best way to clean your house quickly is to tidy up all the rooms. A tidy house immediately appears cleaner. If you free up space, you will move more easily and be more efficient.

Take a bowl and put everything that is messy in its place. This will help you make room to clean up properly without scattering objects on either side.

To simplify this procedure it is advisable to take one bowl per room (one for the bathroom, one for the kitchen, one for the bedrooms...). When the time comes to correct it, you will have already divided everything.

Dedicate a maximum of 15 minutes to this activity.

2 Spray the cleaner in the sanitary facilities.

Use a bathroom cleaner or, if you prefer, prepare a do-it-yourself solution. In a pinch, put hot water, half a glass of white vinegar, a few drops of clear dish soap and 5 drops of essential oil. Choose the one you prefer.

Spray liberally into the toilet, bidet, shower and sink. Leave it on before opening the windows of the whole house.

It will take 5 minutes to prepare the solution and spray.

3 Opening the windows

Open the windows of each room and let in the light and fresh air. It's a good idea to open them every morning, but even more so when you clean. Air and sunlight are used to reduce dust in rooms and control dust mites. Keep the windows open for at least ten minutes.

If you have installed the valves on your radiators, I advise you to close them when the windows are open to save energy. If they are in action while changing air, they will consume much more.

It takes 5 minutes (and that's a long time!).

4 Cleaning the bathroom

Start at the top. First, dust off the wall cabinets that contain the products you like so much, and then clean the mirror. Use a suitable detergent, rub and then wipe with a microfibre cloth or newspaper to avoid leaving marks. Apply the same procedure to the shower glass.

Wipe the toilet with a damp cloth. You have left the detergent on for several minutes, so you will make very little effort. Rinse the bidet, sink and shower as well. Make sure you don't use the same cloth you used to clean the bathroom. At this point, take the toiletries from the bowl and rearrange them. Finally, sweep the floor with a broom or a thermostatic cloth. Empty the trash can.

For the bathroom, set the timer to 25 minutes.

5 Cleaning the kitchen

If you have followed my advice, you will have already released the support surface of the items you keep daily.

Clear the table and remove the chairs and dust the open shelves in your kitchen. Clean the kitchen and sink area with the products you usually use and if you have an exposed hood, wipe it with a cloth to keep it clean and shiny. Take a few minutes to remove stains from the doors.

It is not necessary to spend hours in the kitchen to disinfect each appliance. I advise you to degrease one of them in rotation every week, giving preference to those you use most frequently. This way, you won't accumulate too much and you can clean your house quickly without going crazy.

Don't forget to sweep and reorganize the kitchen items!

The time it takes to clean the kitchen is between 20 and 30 minutes.

6 Cleaning the bedrooms

The kitchen and the bathroom are the rooms to which you will have to dedicate more attention and time. Therefore, for this reason, I suggest you remove them immediately. The living room and the bedroom are much quicker.

Make the bed first. Adhere to a super convenient lifestyle even in the bedroom: with the duvet cover in the morning, make the bed in minutes!

From bedrooms, bedside tables, desks, closets and all the surfaces that need it. Use the products that best suit the materials in the bedroom and living room, taking care not to damage them. Put away the items you collected earlier.

Sweep floors with a broom or dust cloth before washing.

Time for one bedroom and one living room: 30 minutes

7 Clean Floors

As the last step to having a shiny house, simply wash the floors quickly.

Prepare a bucket with plenty of hot water and the ideal detergent for the floor of your house. Start with the bedrooms so they dry quickly and you can stay in your room while you wait for the rest of the floor to dry. If you prefer to lie down on the sofa and watch TV, start by washing the floor in the living room.

Then move on to the kitchen and bathroom. Plan to change the water before cleaning it in the bathroom for better hygiene.

At this point, you have finished cleaning the house and have the rest of the day at your disposal. If you have more time, you can do the laundry: wash clothes, hang out, iron. The advice is to start the washing machine one night a week (preferably on Wednesday or Thursday because it is closer to the weekend) so that you don't have to worry about it on Saturday or Sunday and have clean clothes.

© 2020 Sarai Jimenez


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